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Ted Cruz Caught Lyin Again: "I Never Said Kasich Should Drop Out Because He Has No Path"

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In March, Ted Cruz called John Kasich a spoiler and said his remaining in the race just doesn’t make sense. When asked why he’s Kasich is staying in, Cruz suggested he may be auditioning to be Trump’s Vice President.

“If you look at where the field is now there are only two of us that can get to 1,237. Now on my end as you noted I need about 80%. Now that sounds like a high threshold but it’s actually not nearly as daunting as it sounds… We’re seeing Republicans uniting behind our campaign… We are seeing Republicans uniting behind our campaign… John Kasich is a spoiler and his remaining in the race doesn’t make sense.”

But that was back in March…

Now that Ted Cruz is on the verge of being eliminated he has changed his tune.

Today Ted Cruz told the media it’s “not accurate” that he said people without path to 1,237 should exit. He only meant people who don’t “have a path to winning.”

Can you believe this? Well at least people have finally managed to see the real Ted Cruz with his motto (UN)TRUSTED! That’s why he is polling third (LAST) everywhere in the remaining states. Even in California John Kasich is catching up on Cruz really fast with only 2% behind while a month ago Cruz was beating Kasich by more than 10%. The people are finally waking up and seeing how bad Ted Cruz really is. In the few remaining states where Cruz is still in second place, Kasich is catching up on Cruz fast.

Until recently Cruz had his second place secured and in some rare cases even first, such as religious zealot state Utah and establishment state Wisconsin. But now things are changing, Kasich has secured a firm second place almost everywhere and Ted Cruz is having a hard time with his “rallies”. Recently he held a “rally” in Philadelphia a large city of 1.6 million people (or actually 6 million people including the metro area) but only a few dozens showed up for Cruz, while Trump holds rallies with thousands and tens of thousands of people. Cruz is still obsessed with Donald Trump yet he should now probably focus more on beating Kasich and returning to second place rather than focusing on the frontrunner. In fact if he had any neuron still alive in his brain and any sense of decency, he should drop out now and endorse Trump. Combining all the deleages they have, they will get a ticket together, beat Clinton and Trump will definitely make him VP. But no, Cruz wants ALL OR NOTHING. Well it will be nothing for Cruz in that case as people are getting sick and tired of him.

There’s now a heavy battle for the second place. It is needless to mention that in all of the remaining states frontrunner Donald Trump is first.


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