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Syrian Refugees to Christian Britons: We're Taking Over, Get out of OUR Country

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New SHOCKING videos have emerged recently with white British natives, the rightful owners of their country called the United Kingdom, being assaulted and shouted at by Muslim Syrian “refugees” for walking with a wooden cross on public streets in London. The refugees shouted at them telling the Britons to “Get out! This is our country now! We’re taking over!”. When one of the woman activist asked “Why is this cross so offensive to you?” One Muslim man shouted at her: “F**k you! I f**king hate you!” Muslim women dressed like ninjas with burkas shouted at the British activist woman “How can you walk around dressed like that?” Dressed like what exactly??? She was not wearing a mini-skirt, nor a dress nor even a cleavage blouse, nor anything sexy whatsoever. In fact the woman was overdressed and even wearing a winter cap, having her hair covered, something mandatory among Muslims. Yet according to the Muslim woman it wasn’t enough! She has to walk around dressed like a ninja because dressed with anything else is “not decent” according to her, even if she is not a Muslim. How could she walk around dressed like that??? She needs to be stoned because she is an infidel!

Now please keep in mind that the writer of this story is NOT British and I have no interest whatsoever in defending Britons BUT here at the EU Times we do defend the right from wrong! And this isn’t right. These Muslim refugees are simply just guests, in the UK. Furthermore according to the very definition of a “refugee” they shouldn’t even be permanent guests, living and dying there. They should only be temporary guests in this host nation until the situation in their country is fixed, yet due to stupid endless tolerance from spineless Britons who coined “the soft man” era, these people will now never leave the UK on their own without the use of brute force. In fact it is the white native Britons who are now leaving. And yes this is not a joke at all, there are tens of of thousands of white native Britons leaving the UK annually, in one of the largest white flight phenomenons ever seen. Most of them are going to Australia and Canada but where will they go next when these 2 weakling nations will too be overrun by these invaders?

When will they stand up and fight? When will “the soft man” era actually end? What do we mean by this? Well weren’t the Britons the inventors of the “gentlemen” era? Men who were not real men, but pathetic weaklings walking around dressed like men. Back then it was considered “rude” and “unacceptable” to behave otherwise but unfortunately even to these days British men behave in a limited way, avoiding being labeled “rude”. Unbelievable! They should take in some Russian men and learn from them how to punch and how to behave like real MEN, like LIONS not like weaklings. Tell a Briton “F**k the UK, get out of my country! We’re taking over!” and they will reply “you are rude!”. Tell a Russian the same thing and they will make you swallow your own teeth.  Furthermore the Russian police will side with the Russian citizens unlike the weakling British police which sides with the Muslims.

When Britons did these kind of things to the Native Indians in America there was a huge outcry in the international community. Now no one says anything. Furthermore no one even sees this as what it is, genocide. Because this is what it truly is when the natives are shouted at to leave because they are taking over by the invading forces.

These videos should have gone viral both in the UK media and in the international community yet no one reported the news and no one broke the story but as you already know the EU Times does not fear to report these kind of events. So we broke the story thanks to one of our readers who contacted us and told us about this unforgivable incident.

It is also worth mentioning that this isn’t happening only in the EU but also in the US. Amarillo was recently named the fifth most dangerous city in Texas, according to FBI crime statistics, up from sixth last year. And it has been nationally recognized as having one of the highest rates of rape in the nation.

It’s a far cry from Amarillo, which she described as a city of rampant crime and cracking social fabric, thanks to the heavy influx of Muslim refugees sent there by the U.S. State Department in cooperation with the United Nations.

Though the video is in England, many can see this happening anywhere in the world now thanks to the Merkel and the EU’s open borders policy.

Britain First, a group of Britishers, has released this video of London:

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