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Russia Moves Another 50,000 Forces To EU Border, Warns “Catastrophe About To Begin”

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The Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the Security Council (SC) has just authorized an emergency deployment of an additional 50,000 police and National Guard forces to the oblasts along the western border with the European Union (EU) ahead of what many Russian experts are predicting will we be a “catastrophe” after the Republic of Turkey unleashes upon the continent an unprecedented flood of millions of Syrian migrants of whom thousands will be highly trained Islamic terrorists.

According to this report, this historic catastrophe currently looming over the EU began yesterday (19 April) when an ultimatum was issued to European leaders by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who warned that his nation will tear up the controversial EU-Turkish migrant deal unless his citizens are given visa-free access to the EU on 1 June.

In firing back at Turkey’s ultimatum, this report continues, 4 hours ago European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos issued an equally powerful EU threat against Turkey warning that “[European Commission President Jean-Claude] Juncker was crystal clear yesterday, as I have been in the past: No visa liberalization can be offered if not all benchmarks are met.”

The migrant deal between the EU and Turkey, this report explains, came into effect on 20 March and allows the EU to send back to Turkey migrants arriving in Greece if they do not apply for asylum or their claim is rejected, and that for every Syrian migrant sent back to Turkey, one Syrian already in Turkey will be resettled in the EU—with this deals most dangerous provision giving all peoples coming from Turkey visa and passport free travel to the EU nations that are parties to the Schengen agreement.

With between 3-6 million Syrian migrants already in Turkey, this report warns, the EU is not even close to having the policing manpower needed to vet them, let alone protect their own citizens from the Islamic terrorists who have infiltrated them which US general Philip Breedlove recently warned is “spreading like a cancer” across the entire continent.

As previous estimates show that the EU already has within its borders over 4,000 of these highly trained Islamic terrorists already, this report continues, the “extreme danger” now being faced by the EU was, also, highlighted this week at the Security and Counter Terror conference in London where experts warned that these radicals plans to use both poison gas and atomic attacks and that this fact should no longer be ignored by the policy makers who made such a catastrophic agreement as this one in the first place.

This report grimly notes too that Turkish troops have begun firing upon and killing women and children attempting to flee into Turkey from Syria in order to force the EU’s hand, and are being aided by Islamic terrorists who just hours ago set ablaze one of the largest migrant camps in Greece.

The FSB concludes this report by noting the “grave concerns” voiced by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) regarding these additional forces being placed on the western front as they too have been expanding Federation military troops into this region in response to the buildup of NATO forces in the EU—and which Russian military leaders say the West will use this buildup as another propaganda tool like they’ve done so many other times in the past to depict the Federation in the worst light possible.


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  • Christophe Têtu

    Russia is right to protect its borders while EU oligarchy is just a bunch of traitors to the European people.

    • sonnyboy

      They are all in it together. Globalists, all of them.

  • Johan

    The scum of the earth are about to show their hand in a most disastrous fashion.

  • Lone Ranger

    Say thanks to mutti merkel, obongo, papa soros, the neocons and jihadi erdogan for this, they were, are the main perpetrators, deliberataly trying to destroy Europe, the only sane countries nowdays are the V4 and Russia in this story, since they are the only ones actively defending their borders and not letting a massive number of jihadi rapefugees in their countries.

  • sonnyboy

    The unfortunate thing is that Putin is part of the NWO globalists. So, is he just following orders or is he going to defy the globalists or is he just doing their bidding?

    • Lone Ranger

      Why do you think he is part of the NWO?

  • skreamer

    Its the world leaders who made/let this happen on purpose to further their plans.
    These satanist are having rape parties with children. All of them! They wouldn’t be in power if they were not!
    People gotta stop voting for these freaks! Dont get suckered by their bullshit!
    They only pretend not to like each other or have differences so they can start wars!
    Sucker you with their media and people well vote for anything!
    Just stop voting and burn your birth certificate….its a small start.

  • nick1111

    Obola is a Lucifer in a flesh

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