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Protestor To Hillary Clinton: You Are Evil And Guilty

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Two protestors interrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign event on Saturday, with one being escorted out after shouting that the Democratic presidential frontrunner is “evil” and “guilty.”

Clinton was speaking to a crowd of supporters in Los Angeles when two individuals separately protested the rally and her candidacy. One man could be heard shouting, “She is guilty, she is guilty, she is evil,” as security removed him from the event.

The audience started shouting “Hillary! Hillary!” in an effort to drown out the protestor, causing Clinton to give a big smile.

“I have to say, we have had a very spirited primary campaign,” Clinton said, drawing cheers from the crowd. “Which I think is great, but just remember, it’s not enough to say what’s wrong; you’ve got to tell people what you’re going to do to make it right.”


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