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Music Icon Prince Dies After Obama Regime Fails To Heed Russian Warning

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A shocking report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Healthcare (MoH), with assistance from the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), states that global music icon Prince Rogers Nelson (more simply known as Prince) died yesterday due to the Obama regimes “gross systemic failure” to heed Federation scientists warning regarding a new potential pandemic bacterium discovered aboard the Mir Space Station that is now rampaging through the American Midwestern region with its death toll rising higher by the week. [Note: Words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words having no exact counterpart.]

In 2005, according to this report, Federation and international scientists isolated a new bacterium from a condensed water sample found aboard Mir in 2001 naming it Elizabethkingia after American bacteriologist Elizabeth King who isolated the common Kingella Kingae bacterium in 1960.

By 2011, this report continues, MoH scientists “studying/examining” this new bacterium became “gravely concerned” after discovering its “unexpected/alarming” proliferation within “established biota”—an alarm echoed just months ago (January 2016) by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after the Wisconsin outbreak and whose scientists are working “feverously” to stop this new bacterium that is striking with deadly effect in that nations Midwestern region.

Of particular concern to MoH scientists about this new bacterium, this report notes, was its near impossibility to eradicate from contaminated surfaces once established as no known pharmaceuticals are effective against it—and causing the MoH, in 2012, to send urgent bulletins about it to the CDC in the United States warning them of its dangers.

In one of the 2012 MoH urgent bulletins sent to the CDC, this report says, Federation scientists specifically warned that patients infected with this new bacterium should be immediately isolated preventing their exposure to others (medial personal/other patients), particularly those suffering from serious respiratory disease such as influenza—and who if exposed would suffer an “explosive/gigantic” proliferation of this new bacterium in their lungs leading to death in days, if not hours.

With the rise of uncontrollable bacterium (superbugs) already at pandemic levels in US hospitals infecting over 2 million and killing, at least, 23,000 each year, this report continues, the CDC ignored all MoH warnings choosing, instead, not to isolate these infected patients—most importantly in the Midwest where at least 6 have died from this new bacterium’s outbreak in just the last month alone in the Quad Cities region of four counties in northwest Illinois and southeastern Iowa.

On Friday 15 April, this report grimly continues, SVR analysts contributing to this report were able to confirm that a private aircraft carrying Prince made an emergency landing at the Quad City International Airport (MLI) in Moline, Illinois, and was brought by ambulance to the Genesis Medical Center Hospital (GMCH) that was 11 kilometers (7 miles) away.

Most critical to note about the GMCH hospital where Prince was brought to, MoH experts in this report explain, was that less than 24 hours before his arrival this medical facility reported to the CDC yet another death caused by this new bacterium—and with US news reports saying Prince was rushed to this hospital due to his having a case of influenza, his exposure to this new bacterium would have equaled a death sentence.

This MoH report concludes by noting that even though their initial examination into the death of the music icon Prince is by no means definitive, the Obama regimes failure to protect its citizens from this new, and deadly, bacterium should be considered an international crime against humanity.


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