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Michelle Fields Caught in ANOTHER LIE, Will Cruzers Apologize for this Hoax?

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In March Florida police charged Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski with battery for brushing up against and touching female reporter Michelle Fields at a campaign rally.

Video posted at The Gateway Pundit that later aired on FOX News showed that reporter, Michelle Fields, did not flinch, did not change her facial expression, did not even notice Lewandowski during the incident.

Fields later went to police and charged Lewandowsky with “battery.”
Her supporters said she was “forced” to do this(?)

Fields wrote about the alleged attack the day after the incident.
It was filled with lies and inaccuracies.

Fields was not “jolted backwards.” She was not “yanked down.” Lewandowski did not “try to throw reporters to the ground.”

Fields was warned but disobeyed Secret Service officials that night in Jupiter.

Now this…
Michelle Fields also lied to reporters when she told them Corey Lewandowski did not reach out to her.

Today on FOX News Sunday Corey Lewandowski corrected the record.

Chris Wallace: “She says that she has no record that you ever tried to reach her.”

Corey Lewandowski: I’ve never spoken to Miss Fields. I turned over my phone records to the Palm Beach County District Attorney’s Office. It clearly shows I called her phone number that evening.

It appears Miss Fields was just caught in another lie.

So, will the unhinged Trump-hating Cruzers apologize now?


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