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Marco Rubio Ready to Endorse Donald Trump and Join the Team

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump currently has more delegates than Ted Cruz and John Kasich combined. Both of them are now mathematically eliminated and its impossible for them to reach the required delegate numbers even if they win all of the remaining delegates and 0 go to Trump, which is impossible of course, because Trump leads in all of the upcoming states by large margins, including in California.

Back in March, Ted Cruz called on John Kasich to drop out because he is mathematically eliminated, saying “John Kasich is a good man, he’s an honorable man, but he has no path to the nomination, it’s mathematically impossible for John Kasich to become the Republican nominee, he needs more than 100% of the remaining delegates….. right now Kasich’s role is really being a spoiler”. Now Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated also and guess what, he isn’t dropping out. The hypocrisy…

The funny part about it, is that now John Kasich is openly taunting Ted Cruz for losing path to 1,237 delegates and being mathematically eliminated.

It’s clear who GOP voters want as their nominee.

Senator Rubio said today he will endorse Donald Trump if he is the nominee.

As Bill Mitchell suggested – This is not something he’d say if he’s going to endorse Ted Cruz.

Delegates bound to Marco Rubio and John Kasich have begun warming to Trump according to Breitbart News. Both teams are getting ready to join Donald Trump. Cruz is left out all alone. No wonder Cruz is going nuts on a live show with Sean Hannity making the whole thing go viral on social media with millions of people questioning his psychological stability.

Looks like the Ronald Reagan’s Paul Manafort who is now working for Trump put it quite well when he firmly told the media that “there is not going to be a second ballot” and that Ted Cruz is basically delusional making all these snakish thieving manipulations on the delegates thinking that he will win the second ballot. There won’t be a second ballot Lyin’ Ted! He is eliminated and if he had any decency left whatsoever, he should either drop out or at least stop stealing and courting Trump’s delegates, unless of course he doesn’t want a second term as a Senator, because if he continues down this path, people in Texas will not elect him as a Senator anymore.

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