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Marco Rubio comes back from the dead to help Cruz despite vowing to retire

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Little Marco Rubio comes back from the land of the forgotten dead in an attempt to help lyin’ cheatin’ Ted Cruz in Arkansas! Shortly after Rubio lost Florida to Trump, he dropped out and said that he will quit politics and live a normal civilian life but now the two pro-illegal immigrants amnesty Cuban senators are joining the forces of Mordor once again, high fiving behind Trump’s back just like they did during the debates, making Fidel Castro really proud of himself and of Cuba in general. Seems like the Americans just can’t pick an American as president anymore, first they wanted a INELIGIBLE Kenyan now they seem to be under the spell of a INELIGIBLE Cuban-Canadian. What’s next a Martian from Jupiter as US president?

Did anyone had time to believe that Rubio will drop out from public life and politics? Then you must be really stupid and gullible and we’re sorry to say that, but its the truth.

“Trump won Arkansas’ GOP primary March 1 with 32.8% of the vote compared to Cruz’s 30.5% and Rubio’s 24.9%,” wrote The Washington Examiner‘s David Drucker.

“But Cruz’s canny operatives, with Rubio riding shotgun, is likely to thwart Trump in the delegate election.”

Drucker sat down with Doug McKelway today to explain more.

Though the Florida senator dropped out of the race last month after failing to secure a win in his home state, he has since been trying to hold on to his delegates, who analysts say could be put to good use for Cruz.

These news have completely shut down any speculation that Donald Trump may appoint Marco Rubio as a Vice-President in order to secure a first ballot win. Rubio also replied to the rumors by saying: “I’m not going to be the vice president.”

Trump on the other hand is teaming up with Kasich hinting of a more than certain Vice-President spot for the Ohio governor. In Michigan, for example, Trump’s delegates teamed with John Kasich’s delegates to deny Cruz some key slots, noted McKelway.

Watch how Rubio promised to go f**k himself and leave us all alone! It was all a lie, he’s back from the dead! Like a zombie! If this Cuban orc returning from the dead to endorse fellow Cuban Cruz, won’t hurt Cruz them maybe self-declared brain-damaged Glenn Beck is right, Ted Cruz is Moses who fulfills the Mormon prophecy, the second coming of Christ! (SATIRE)

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One Response to " Marco Rubio comes back from the dead to help Cruz despite vowing to retire "

  1. alvin_firpo says:

    delegates for candidates with suspended candidacies, or who have dropped out, should be re-allocated in accordance with state caucus rules at the time of said caucus, or primary.

    anything less ensures the venality that is politics to rear it’s ugly head.

    if politics, and the shenanigans that go with it, were practiced exclusively by an ethnic minority, say the italians, it would be illegal.

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