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Justin Bieber defends himself after being labelled a racist for getting dreadlocks

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Justin Bieber has defended his new hairstyle following a public outcry.

The Sorry singer ditched his trademark boyband hairstyle over the weekend for dreadlocks and he immediately faced backlash from fans who were unhappy with his bizarre new look.

The 22-year-old is being called out for cultural appropriation over the hairstyle, with numerous critics claiming that ‘black’ hairstyles are more than just a fashion statement.

One angry Instagram user wrote: “People are annoyed cause when black people wear this style they are stereotyped as druggies and are “unkempt” look at Zendaya for example. She had fake dreads and she was stereotyped.”

Before adding: “But when people such as Justin wears them its suddenly the latest trend.”

Another user wrote: “What would America be like if we loved Black people as much as we love Black culture?”

Despite the uproar, Justin has insisted that he doesn’t understand why people are so angry about his new style.

During an appearance at the iHeartRadio Awards last night, where he took home three awards including one for Best Male Artist, the singer commented on the backlash.

The pop hunk told the paparazzi: “[People say] you wanna be black and all that stuff, I’m like, ‘It’s just my hair’.”

Meanwhile, Justin’s diehard fans have made #OurJustin trend worldwide on Twitter in a bid to show support for their idol.

It comes just a few months after Justin jumped to the defence of Kylie Jenner on Twitter when she was labelled a racist for getting cornrows.

He told his fans at the time: “I’m the first to know this. But saying she’s being racist because she has her hair in braids is ridiculous.”

Justin Bieber’s hairstyle might have been a direct response to the Jewish student Cory Goldstein who got harassed by a black woman for having dreadlocks just a week ago, saying that he is “appropriating her black Egyptian culture” (WTF? pure American insanity):


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3 Responses to " Justin Bieber defends himself after being labelled a racist for getting dreadlocks "

  1. Johan says:

    You should not judge a book by its cover but it often gives you a pretty good idea of what is actually going on inside.

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  2. skreamer says:

    Justina bieber is a girl! No 2 ways about it! If you cant see that this chick is a chick, then you need glasses!
    She took hormones at an early age thats why she has no boobs!
    This is why you well never ever see Justina naked!
    because you’ll get an eye full of vagina!
    Who cares about a transvestites hairstyle!
    Do you like the way Justina butches up for photos?

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  3. skreamer says:

    Tell Niger bitch that animals had dreads way way before people did!
    Tell her vikings had dreads, so she should shut her extra stupid mouth!
    Tell her, her culture is in Africa and she shouldn’t try to push Niger-ism on good white people!
    This comes from a super stupid black dumb ass whose wearing white mans clothes! Is that a plastic parker your wearing mammy! Thats white mans cloths and white mans culture! are those white plastic clips in your hair?….guess who invented them?…thats right…white people!
    Looks like shes stolen everything from white people even their language and goes around trying to make out everything is her culture! She dont have a culture anymore!!!!!…she has been assimilated into white society How fucking stupid have teachers become if students are this dumb! The fact that she physically interfered with him several times…she should be expelled for assault!

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