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Hungary, Bulgaria and Georgia Battle to Save White South Africans from Oppression

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The Prime Minister of Bulgaria will meet a delegation from one of South Africa’s largest commercial farming unions in June this year with the aim of exploring opportunities for Afrikaner farmers in that country.

This dramatic news was announced this week in a press release issued by Bennie van Zyl, manager of the TAU-SA (formerly known as the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa, but which now just uses the abbreviation).

According to the TAU-SA press statement, the invitation to meet with the Prime Minister and cabinet of Bulgaria forms one part of a series of fact-finding missions in which the farming union is currently engaged.

The tour to Bulgaria is set to last from mid to end June 2016, and will start immediately after another TAU-SA tour planned for the state of Georgia, where a half dozen Afrikaner farmers are already settled and farming.

“In the interim, Bulgaria has also reached out to the TAU-SA to come and experience their country and to see what possibilities there are to be had there,” Van Zyl said in the statement.

“This will be something new for us, and a chance to expand our vision and evaluate that country as a possibility for resettlement,” he continued.

The provisional program includes official meetings with the Prime Minister and other cabinet members, and a tour of the countryside to meet with local mayors and farmers to study local farming methods and commodities.

At the same time, an article on the Project Nova Europa (PNE) website announced that a TAU-SA delegation consisting of that organization’s President, Louis Meintjies, and its Assistant General Manager, Henk van de Graaf, will be going to Hungary during the last week of February.

That TAU-SA fact-finding mission will consist of meeting with local authorities in Hungary who have already expressed their desire to have Afrikaner farmers occupy vacant and available farms.

The Hungary fact-finding mission originated with Project Nova Europa and was completely funded by supporters from around the globe. The two day appeal was so successful that it allowed the TAU-SA mission to be expanded from just one delegate to two.

However, as the appeal went out, Project Nova Europa was contacted by numerous white South Africans who were not farmers, who also sought to leave that country.

In response to those requests, it was announced on the website that the Project Nova Europa team is looking into channels whereby non-EU nationals who are not farmers might be able to move to Eastern Europe. Further details can be found on the PNE website here.

Any South Africans interested in the Bulgarian or Georgian tours can contact the TAU-SA’s General Manager Bennie van Zyl via that organization’s website here.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Had the same idea a few months ago, wrote a comment on this page about it, Im glad somebody took up my idea :)

  • William John Howe

    Best of luck, astika beer is also good. Under the ANC whites are doomed.

  • I’d sponsor some here in the USA. But they have to have a lot of money in a bank account to immigrate here.

    • Hendrik Dercksen

      Hahahah…..way to go!!! Conscience soothed!!

  • greg stroud

    This sounds fantastic

  • Johnny Five


    “Anti-racists” SAY they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.

    What they are REALLY against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.

    They SAY they want a world without “hate”, without “racism”.

    What they REALLY want is a world without white people.

    What they REALLY want is a world without YOU.

    What they REALLY want is White geNOcide!

    Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White.

    • Dr_NOS

      Always the creature hates the Creator. The blacks should get back into their ship skins. Nothing that they use to live today belongs to them. They know it and thus the hate

  • David Botes

    That would be wonderful…and with the South African mind set “n’ Boer maak n’ plan…”
    They will adapt, work hard, fit in quickly and succeed!! Those Eastern European countries will benefit from this if it comes to pass.
    I hope for the best!

  • Oldmanprof Hestermann

    Sounds to good to be true,is this for youngsters or also for us over 50

  • Brian Wagner

    I am a SouthAfricsn with a Bulgarian wife …I have lived in Sofia .. If you want to go to Bulgaria you will find the people are nice but also nationalistic . You had better learn the language before going there as it can be very tough . Beautiful country though and cheap :-)

  • PIXI

    @ Johnny Five: Germany for whites???

  • John Magee

    There are vast areas of the USA where they would be welcome and land is still relatively cheap and most of the areas a beautiful: West Virginia and most of Appalachia, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, vast areas of the west and southwest USA, Texas, and NW Florida. There are more areas I did not list. South African migrants should get the same welcome mat treatment as non white illegal immigrants do only South Africans will work and make a home not live off of welfare. So the USA govrnment may deport them.

    • Lollo

      Apparently this is Georgia in Russia not USA.

  • Eugen

    70.000 afrikaners were killed and many more are languishing with no jobs and no black government help because of … white privilege. Romania should be on that list.

  • Siyazi

    Romania has gypsies. I doubt if they would want to increase the gypsy population.

    • boby

      You claim gypsies are worse than blacks? You’re racist! :-D

      • Kroko

        I think @Siyazi:disqus is right! Romania already has problems with gypsies. I think 10-20% of the population is gypsy. I too doubt Romania would allow more gypsies in its country. WHITE South Africans are like the gypsies of Romania. Just look at those 2 kids in the photo and the slums behind them. Who in the right mind would want these white gypsies from SA? Bulgaria and Hungary also have gypsies, I’m wondering why they are allowing those primitive white baboons to come live in their countries.

        And no @Dr_NOS:disqus not the blacks are the gypsies in South Africa. I think the whites are. Just look at them!

    • Dr_NOS

      Gypsies are like blacks in RSA so an injection of white will help rid off that vermin. Meanwhile the blacks in RSA can relax and enjoy the last moments before the know-how just disappears. Then they can merge with Zim

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