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Former Black Panther Radical: "BLM & Obama BS! Where are the Vikings and Romans?"

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It has come to a dire situation not just in America but everywhere in the world where even racist radical extremists such as Black Panthers, and NO, not white racists, but black racists are wondering what the hell is going on to the white people and why are they so cowardly these days.

Clarence Mason Weaver was once so filled with hatred towards white people in America, that he broke up with a girlfriend who had a white dog, the now-conservative told The Daily Caller New Foundation in this exclusive video interview.

A formerly hate-filled, Berkeley Black Panther racist, Weaver is now a black conservative who now holds strong views on Black Lives Matter, the first black president and how America can heal its racial divide.

From humble beginnings, Weaver served his country in Vietnam working as a pipe fitter in the Navy. It was an incident on August 11, 1971 that changed his life forever: A white racist tried to kill him just because of his skin color.

Retelling a riveting transformational story, Weaver explains how even in the midst of running with radical U.S. haters, he realized “he loved America” and only wanted a chance to compete fairly in the country.

Today, when asked what he thinks of the emergence of Black Lives Matter, he passionately says “it really means black LIES matter.” He explains that this group believes in white superiority since they demand white society give them concessions out of guilt. Mason gave her an epic response which is quite real and worrying: “What happened to you white folks? … What happened to the Vikings? Tell me about the Vikings! What are you? Where are the Roman Legionaries? … What happened to the English Knights? You guys are cowards!”

As to his views on the first black president, Weaver continues his bold, unique tirade with “Barack Obama hates America.”

“His job is to divide by differences and manage our differences,” he says. “He has done nothing but drive us apart. [He] hates America.” Weaver then adds, “It doesn’t matter what color the pimp, the drug dealer, the con artist is.”

In this 31-minute video interview, Weaver explains that God helped him realize that “anger was much heavier than a ton and a half of steel,” which altered his physical and emotional life in 1971.


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One Response to " Former Black Panther Radical: "BLM & Obama BS! Where are the Vikings and Romans?" "

  1. rh2 says:

    Weaver is telling the truth and nothing but. Also good to see this man has found inner peace after years of bitter hatred towards whites. First class person!

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