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EXPOSED! FOX releases FAKE Wisconsin Poll Showing Trump 10% below Cruz

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FOX Business which is part of the Fox Entertainment Group garbage media and a sister channel of FOX News of course, has recently released a so-called “poll”, which is more of a chart of how they would wish the situation was, than a real poll, in which they show the establishment-endorsed, Jeb Bush operative, Ted Cruz as leading by 10%.

The sole purpose of this so-called “poll” is not to show the actual numbers, but to influence people to vote for Cruz because “Trump doesn’t have a chance anyway”. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the history of politics and FOX Business is now trying to use it again Trump in Wisconsin! Well since we’re talking about chances, Ted Cruz is now really near to the mathematical impossibility of being nominated! He is really close to the phase where even if he won all the remaining delegates (which is impossible) he would still not have enough to be nominated!

Now, long story short, how does the EU Times know that the poll is fake? Simple, it’s called freaking LOGIC!

FOX Business poll on the Democrats in Wisconsin shows a 5% lead for communist Bernie Sanders:
1. Bernie Sanders: 48%
2. Hillary Clinton: 43%

Public Policy Polling poll on Democrats in Wisconsin show an almost identical story:
1. Bernie Sanders: 49%
2. Hillary Clinton: 43%

Since both of the polls are similar, we would have to say that they are both accurate and that Bernie Sanders really leads Clinton by ~5% in Wisconsin.

But let’s see what to make of the exact same polls from the exact same sources on the Republicans.

FOX Business poll on the Republicans in Wisconsin show a horror story for Donald Trump, where he’s being beaten by Lyin Ted Cruz by 10% in Wisconsin!
1. Ted Cruz: 42%
2. Donald Trump: 32%
3. John Kasich: 19%

BUT WAIT! Here comes the surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public Policy Polling shows a much closer race in Wisconsin, where Ted Cruz leads by only 1%! Unbelievable!
1. Ted Cruz: 38%
2. Donald Trump: 37%
3. John Kasich: 17%

To make things even more interesting, even though most small polls which average around 300-700 respondents, show Cruz as leading, the largest poll conducted so far in Wisconsin on 6182 respondents made by 0ptimus, shows Donald Trump actually in the lead by 2% in Wisconsin. According to this large poll, Ted Cruz does not even come second. He comes last with 27%. It is also noteworthy that the 0ptimus poll also has the smallest margin of error, of only 1.1% while the other polls described above, both have margins of error of 3.5%. Here are the results of the 0ptimus Poll in Wisconsin:
1. Donald Trump 31%
2. John Kasich 29%
3. Ted Cruz 27%

So there you have it! While the Democrat polls are similar, the Republican polls are extremely different and its not the first time the disgusting media does it. Goblin rat Ted Cruz has been campaigning in Wisconsin for more than a week now. Almost since the elections in Arizona and Utah finished, he flew straight to Wisconsin, got endorsed by Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, George Soros, Koch Brothers, Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Baphomet, Mephisto, Baal, Lilith, Moloch, etc. basically all other demons from hell endorsed Ted Cruz.

The entire presstitute media exploded with “BREAKING NEWS” titles such as “Ted Cruz leads Trump in Wisconsin by 10 percent”! No one, reported that there is another poll where there’s only a tiny 1% difference! Following this tune, websites such as EU Times, Infowars, Gateway Pundit and other alternative media, will soon become THE MEDIA, while disgusting establishment-controlled media such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, BBC, etc will become “conspiracy websites which no one really reads”. Statistics already show that the entire mass media is collapsing before our very eyes. FOX News for example lost HALF of its audience this year alone according to Mediaite and Breitbart due to constant bashing of Donald Trump! So we could only applaud our own rise and the downfall of the establishment media.

Trump has only recently started to campaign in Wisconsin, so expect that tiny 1% to be surpassed easily by Trump very soon.

Trump will win Wisconsin! If he won’t, then it will be stolen from him just like they stole Iowa from Ben Carson and Texas, Louisiana, Ohio and Utah from Trump so far. The good news is that millions of Trump supporters are already planning riots and a potential full revolution at Cleveland this summer, during the RNC ballots.

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