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"Donald Trump is a 5 year-old Sore Loser who Wakes up at Night Sweating" - Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz told Glenn Beck today that Donald Trump is a “5-year-old sore loser who wakes up at night in cold sweats” for complaining about the Texas Senator sweeping all of Colorado’s 34 delegates without any votes being cast by citizens. Its not enough that Cruz is stealing from Trump just as he stole from Carson but now he is also insulting Trump calling him names as the steal goes on. Such a good Crookstian! Opps sorry, Christian!

Trump has been on the offensive since Cruz took the remaining 13 delegates at the weekend’s convention, accusing his closest rival of taking advantage of a rigged system to sidestep the democratic process.

Asked how he felt about Trump’s charge that Cruz is “stealing the election,” Cruz responded, “Look this is real simple, Donald is a very sore loser, he doesn’t handle losing well, he throws a fit and he is crying.”

Accusing Trump of behaving “like a child” when he didn’t win, Cruz said the billionaire was “scared” and “panicking,” although he failed to directly address the fury that many Republicans in Colorado are expressing after they had their vote taken away.

“You know Donald loves to call people a loser. Donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him Losin’ Donald. That is his ultimate fear,” Cruz said while Beck, who has endorsed Cruz, laughed along.

Cruz claimed that voters had ‘rejected’ Trump, although in Colorado many of those “voters” didn’t even get a chance to cast their ballot.

If Trump is a “loser” then it remains a mystery as to what that makes Ted Cruz, who is currently 200 delegates behind the Republican frontrunner.


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"Donald Trump is a 5 year-old Sore Loser who Wakes up at Night Sweating" - Ted Cruz, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  • Lone Ranger

    I think thats called “projection” in psychology…
    By the way ted looks like a fucked up mix of dracula and a used car salesman in Florida.
    Ted is a non american full blown psychopath who will do and say anything to get the job done, stealing the elections in Colorado, not letting the people vote, than stating he had won a democratic election with the superdelegates voting for him(under pressure), yeah thats Red Chinese, Cuban, North Korean style voting, very democratic ted, nice job…
    Wonder how much longer Americans will take that crap from the banksters and their toyboys whom are slowly transforming the U.S. into a new version of the Soviet-Union, meanwhile Russia looks more like the good’ol U.S. of A, oh the irony.

    • LarryNC

      Well said. And in my opinion, quite accurate.

  • Melanie Mustain Bivens

    No problem there Teddy boy, lets hear your tone starting next Tuesday.

  • ᛏᛣᚱ Ludendorff ᛟ

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, believing the nightmare that is the Chosen-dominated Europe and Jew controlled colonies is over, only to recognize shortly after that the future our people deserve is still just a dream. If Trump has any anxiety, it is not baseless, it means he cares.

    Cruz and Beck are Zionist shills, wanting to manipulate gullible people to support the continuance of the Orwellian State JewSA. When has Ted ever placed America first, before his banker friends and CFR connections? Never.

    Trump is a good start, but we always have to realize, each one of us must contribute to the future we need for our people. Voting is not a solution to our issues.

  • RedBaron77

    Very sore loser? Hey slime bag Rafael Cruz….last I checked YOU were the one that is behind in delegates and votes right now. You sleaze bag fraud.

  • FreedomFighter

    Sméagol is prettier and less treacherous.

  • skreamer

    I wake up sweating! Because my body is detoxifying!

  • skreamer

    They shouldn’t compare Cruz to Golem….he looks much more like a Troll than a Golem.

  • LarryNC

    cruz looks like a greasy vampire. There is absolutely no way that I would ever vote for that scumbag.

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