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Cruz and Kasich Join Together to Deny Trump Nomination

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On Sunday Ted Cruz and John Kasich joined forces to deny Donald Trump enough delegates to win the Republican nomination.

Both of the contenders are coordinating efforts to stop Donald Trump. And the Republican party elites support this. Unreal.

Kasich and Cruz campaigns released concurrent statements Sunday agreeing Cruz will focus on Indiana, and Kasich on Oregon and New Mexico.

CNN reported:

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are joining forces in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination.

Within minutes of each other, the pair issued statements late Sunday saying they will divide their efforts in upcoming contests with Cruz focusing on Indiana and Kasich devoting his efforts to Oregon and New Mexico. The strategy — something the two campaigns have been working on for weeks — is aimed at blocking Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim to GOP nomination this summer.

The extraordinary moves reflect the national strength Trump has shown and the inability of Republicans who oppose the New York billionaire to come together to stop him. Dividing up some of the remaining primary states by putting forward one strong alternative to Trump in each could be enough to take away delegates and curb Trump’s run to the nomination.

Trump is the only candidate who can realistically get a first-ballot victory — there’s no mathematical path for Cruz or Kasich to clinch the nomination heading into the convention. The billionaire is poised for a strong performance Tuesday, when Republicans in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island head to the polls.

This is reminiscent of when Cruz and Rubio joined together to gang up on Donald Trump at the GOP debate.


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2 Responses to " Cruz and Kasich Join Together to Deny Trump Nomination "

  1. skreamer says:

    My cat says …this is a load of dog poo! Meow Trump was given the presidency years ago!
    Putting up his slimy cousins to run against, just in case something goes wrong like EG: he gets struck by a meteor or some good person somewhere kills him, then they still run the place as usual …..meow!….Ted Cruz makes people vote for Trump simply because of the sheer horror he produces when people look at him!
    In the photo he has color in his face!…this means he has just recently drained a baby of all its blood! and that contemptuous look on his face means he raped a child only half an hour ago!

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  2. Mark W Scott says:

    Even when they try and work as one. They still get their butt kicked, The funny thing is Cruz has got a VP, and he stands no chance to get the nomination. You normally name a VP after you have been chosen for the party.

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