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Communist spits on Trump supporter's face, victim speaks out

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The man featured in a viral video being spit on by a transgender anti-Trump agitator has issued a response to the incident detailing why he decided not to physically engage his attacker.

Infowars cameras were rolling in Portland, Oregon, last week during a heated verbal confrontation between supporters and detractors of presidential candidate Donald Trump when one protester, who described himself as a “tranny,” unexpectedly spat in the face of free speech advocate Robert R.

“Obviously you haven’t done your research and you’re just going along with what everyone else is saying so go do some research, come back with some quotes, OK?” states the Trump supporter.

The transgender man then immediately removes his face scarf and launches a huge glob of spit in the Trump supporter’s face.

“I’m a trans, I’m a tranny, so go ahead, touch a woman! Punch a woman! PUNCH A WOMAN!” screamed the creature with a weird voice. This moment just summarized everything that’s wrong in 2016 Western society. Gender confusion, female privilege… Of course the man didn’t really had to punch that thing in its face but at least he could have had the courage to spit back in its face. Instead he went on to complain to his buddies that he got spit in his face. He wanted something to be done about it but not him, he waned others to intervene and help him out against the tiny aggressive creature who calls itself “woman”.

In his response, Robert says he resolved not to retaliate with violence in order not to portray Donald Trump supporters in a negative light.

Watch the original video of the incident “Communist Tranny Spits In Trump Supporters’ Face” here:


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