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Austrian newspaper: It’s Time To Discuss Whether Islam Should Be Banned In Europe

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A statement by Wolfgang Fellner in the daily Austrian newspaper “Österreich” has created outrage among local Muslims.

In a recent edition the journalist stated: “Now we must permit discussions about whether or not Islam as such should be banned in Europe.”

According to the Islamic faith community in Austria, Fellner is thus attacking “the central human right of religious freedom,” and that Fellner’s statement “should not be passed in silence,” said spokeswoman of the Islamic Community in Austria (IGGiÖ), Carla Amina Baghajati, in a press release.

Islam is a recognized religion in Austria.

The statement in the Austrian paper, comes just days after an editorial in the large Italian newspaper Il Giornale, suggested the same.

These newspapers are regarded as very mainstream, and are not some far-right publications, which have suggested the same for years.

It comes after terrorist attacks committed by Muslims, and the lack of will to combat Islamic terrorism by so-called moderate Muslims, who have a hard time protesting the verses of Jihad in the Quran, which naturally would be to acknowledge that the Quran is not perfect.


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  • Terry J Wall

    Religious freedom? Freedom is a bit thin on the ground when parents of any faith teach their kids “religion” while they are too young to understand the full meaning. Why dont parents just teach them empathy and morality until they are old enough; like 18 years. Then they should be taught “religion” of all types.

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Islam is not a race nor a religion: islam is a law system, the sharia, invented by imams to control the world.

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