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Anti-Trump Protesters Burn American Flag While Waving Mexican Flag in California

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Protesters rallying against GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump outside of San Francisco burned an American flag in a fit of rage.

Stationed at the California GOP convention outside the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame, reporters documented the moment angry demonstrators set Old Glory ablaze while labeling it a symbol of “genocide.”

“Fuck colonialism, fuck genocide, fuck slavery. That’s what the American flag stands for,” yelled a woman with a bullhorn. “We don’t stand for that shit.”

Meanwhile other protesters pushing against a riot police barricade waved the Mexican flag high.

Police also arrested five demonstrators, while others threw eggs at the officers.

The protests come a day after anti-Trump demonstrators rioted and smashed police car windows in the streets of Costa Mesa, the site of a Donald Trump rally earlier in the day.

These brainless communists and Mexicans somehow think that all their hateful anti-Trump and basically anti-American rioting is going to somehow convince people not to vote for Donald Trump, but let them do it, it’s actually quite good! The more violent, destructive and disgusting they are, the more votes Trump will get as Americans are more than sick and tired of them, they are now ANGRY!


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