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UKIP's Nigel Farage Endorses Donald Trump for US President

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The UKIP boss reckons it would be good news for Britain if the Republican frontrunner landed the top job.

Mr Farage said critics who judged Mr Trump on his “big shouty” rants were “underestimating his ability”.

He reckons the tycoon’s skills as a top businessman would put him in good steed to boost the US and its economy.

And he said if he took control of the world superpower he would be “more pro-British than Obama”.

Wannabe president Trump surprised critics after he shot ahead in the race to be the Republican candidate.

He raced ahead of his rivals despite saying he would ban Muslims from America if he clinched the top job.

Mr Farage today likened the loudmouth to late President Ronald Reagan – whose critics hated him in the White House.

He said: “They all said Ronnie Reagan was a cretin, but he was a great president, and maybe they are underestimating Trump.

“I think that a man that has run a business, and made a fortune, maybe we are underestimating his ability.

“Maybe the big shouty stuff he has said so far is going to start to die down and we will see that.

“Whatever Trump’s faults, he would be more pro-British than Obama, who was the most anti-British president America ever had.”

Brexit supporters and the Stay camp are slugging it out to win over voters in the run up to the EU referendum.

A Ladbrokes betting barometer today put the chances the pro-Europe camp would win at 73% with just 27% for Leave.

But the UKIP boss shrugged off the polls and believed the push by groups for Britain to ditch the EU had a fighting chance.

Mr Farage said: “I see a lot of complacency from the establishment, they underestimate just how p***** off people are with the whole political establishment, it’s not making them happier, it’s not working.”

He added: “This campaign has barely begun.

“Can we win? You bet your life we can.”

He also tipped his hat to pro-Europe camp boss Lord Rose who this week said Brits would see higher wages if we quit the EU.

Mr Farage said: “He’s absolutely bang on the money with that.

“It’s great, I’m going to buy him lunch next week.

“He is the perfect leader for the Remain camp. I am delighted and hope he stays.”

And the UKIP boss said if anti-Europe groups won in the ballot box on June 23, Brits would take to the streets to toast the victory.

He said: “It would be the biggest booze up since VE day.”


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  1. Goldcoaster says:

    Love it! Brexit + Trump = Good.

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