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Trump haters, including mainstream media use Voting Pledge photo as "nazi salute"

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The Trump-bashers have reached a new low.

After accusing Donald Trump of dog-whistling support for the Ku Klux Klan the Trump-bashers are passing around a photo today from his Saturday Orlando rally.

The so-called conservatives are suggesting that Trump supporters gave the Nazi salute at his mega-rally in Florida.

On Saturday over 10,000 supporters packed the CFE Arena in Orlando, Florida.

Fellow conservatives are passing around this photo from Saturday’s rally.

The Trump supporters have their arms raised in the air.

The hate from these fellow conservatives is getting really old.

In reality the Trump supporters were raising their right hand to pledge and swear to vote for Donald Trump.

Even some mainstream media tv channels, newspapers and websites used this Trump Voting Pledge photo as a “nazi salute” to brand Trump as nazi Hitler. What’s happening to Trump now is exactly what happened to Ronald Regan before. The corrupt establishment elite is doing absolutely everything to stop Trump. Lies, filth, manipulation, propaganda, brainwashing, anything! Truly disgusting!


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  • Lone Ranger

    The Soviet-Union wasnt that fucked up when it peacefully dissolved, I doubt the U.S. will have the same class with these retards, I really feel for the normal americans it must be a fuckin torcher to wake up in that country day after day nowdays, but hey as things go maybe you guys will flock to eastern Europe and Russia pretty soon, Welcome, we need Patriots more then ever.

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