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Trump enjoying people's anti-establishment sentiments

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In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with the founding editor of Opednews.com, Rob Kall, from Philadelphia, and Jim Walsh, a research associate at MIT’s Security Studies Program from Boston, to discuss the crucial ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries.

Walsh believes that unlike previous presidential elections in the US, it seems that the upcoming election is much more about emotions and psychology rather than the candidates’ stance on different economic and political issues.

Donald Trump has been able to gain the endorsement of a large number of people, because, even though some may disagree with him on some topics, they like the fact that he reflects their pent-up anger at the establishment, Walsh added.

“That is why he is drawing more support from less educated and more moderate income people than he does from better educated and better income,” Walsh reiterated.

Kall also thinks that Trump is running on a massive wave of anger and rage that most of the middle-class Americans are experiencing in a bid to attract the support of right-wing conservative voters.

“Middle-class workers’ admiration of Donald Trump has its roots in their fantasy of becoming a billionaire like him rather than what is good for them,” Kall added.

So far, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump both have scored major victories on Super Tuesday, taking giant steps toward securing the US presidential nominations of their parties.

Trump emerged as the winner of Republican contests in Arkansas, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts and Tennessee, while Clinton triumphed in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia, according to US media projections.


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