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Trump Does Well in March 15th Primaries Despite System Vote Fraud

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One news article reports “Donald Trump won a decisive victory in Florida’s primary Tuesday night, forcing home-state Sen. Marco Rubio to abandon the race for the Republican presidential nomination. The brash billionaire also picked up North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri, but faltered in Ohio.”

“Ohio Gov. John Kasich notched his first and only victory of the primary season by carrying his home state, but he has the fewest delegates of anyone still in the running and had virtually no electoral path to the nomination.”

Not only did Trump win the biggest prize, Florida by a decisive margin and all its 99 delegates as well as North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri, Trump received 53 percent in a poll of Republican voters nation-wide as noted here.

The fact that Kasich is still in the race is part of a plot by System Republicans to keep Trump from getting Ohio’s 69 delegates. Even with Kasich, there’s strong circumstantial evidence that the System Republicans resorted to vote fraud.

There were reports of votes for Trump being switched to other candidates in Texas, and in Florida Trump’s name didn’t even appear on some of the ballots there. Would the System Republicans resort to fraud in Ohio so that Kasich would edge out Trump? Absolutely.

Here’s a poll (below) from March 9th, where Trump was leading by six percent in two polls for Ohio. A day before the primary, several polls were released with two showing a tie between Trump and Kasich and at least two polls showing Kasich well ahead of Trump. How the heck could the polls change direction so radically in five days? Well, someone from the RNC could show up at the polling firm with a big bag of cash and buy a bogus poll.

The only big things to happen between March 9th and March 15th were: (1).Rubio encouraging his people to vote for Kasich, which at best may have helped Kasich tie Trump and (2).Kasich declaring his love and support for illegal aliens which should have made normal conservative voters go even more for Trump. Are we supposed to believe that 43 percent of the Republicans in Ohio want someone who is pro-Amnesty?

Even if you go with the suspicious official numbers from the Ohio primary, Kasich failed to get a majority in his home state, and Trump placed second well ahead of Cruz in Ohio. (The one major bad thing is that the System Republicans have kept 66 Ohio delegates from Trump.) I strongly believe that the RNC had to resort to some moderate-level vote stealing to get even that result.

Trump is still the front-runner by an even bigger margin now. Marco Rubio has dropped out, and Trump is at 53 percent in a national poll of Republican voters. It would be nice if the System Republicans dropped the dirty tricks, spoiler candidates and vote fraud because Trump is going to be the dominant candidate by a huge margin, and their schemes to get a brokered convention have no realistic chance now.


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