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Trump cancels Chicago speech after Violent Democrats Hijack the Arena

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Violent democrats, most of whom were members of the infamous Black Lives Matter sponsored by globalist Jewish billionaire George Soros, hijacked the arena where GOP frontrunner Donal Trump was scheduled to hold a speech to thousands of supporters.

The democrats who did the riots in and outside the arena were mostly formed out of Muslims, communist African Americans and a couple of white libtards with dreadlocks and with no brains whatsoever. The protesters were extremely violent and hard to contain by the police. Chicago Police along with Trump’s secret service team advised the Republican frontrunner that it would be for the best to cancel the event due to serious threat of escalating into a full revolution between Trump’s supporters and the libtarded democrats who despite carrying “peace” signs, were extremely violent. The security concern was so high that the whole thing could have ended up with people being killed on both sides.

The democrat protesters were shouting “Bernie 2016” among other things, clearly showing that they were communist Bernie Sanders supporters.

Outside the arena members of the Black Lives Matter movement were having fierce verbal clashes with Trump’s black supporters, trying to convince black people who support Donald Trump, that they shouldn’t support Trump anymore because Trump is a “racist evil nazi endorsed by the KKK who wants to deport Mexicans and Muslims”. They were also telling Trump’s black supporters that they should be voting for Bernie Sanders solely because the BLM support Bernie and Trump’s black supporters shouldn’t “betray them” because “look at this skin, I’m black you’re black, you should do as I say, not as Trump says!”.

Trump’s black supporters weren’t buying at all into this whole race baiting tactics, with each and every single one of them firmly holding their ground and making a case against the lunatic BLM Bernie Sanders supporters. Most of Trump’s supporters were bringing intelligent and relative arguments into the discussion, saying things like “I don’t need the democrats, I don’t need Bernie to give me handouts! I want to have a job! I want to work and earn my own living!” BLM were replying “then go get a job, whose stopping you? you don’t need to hate, we blacks are being killed by racist white cops and Trump is a racist too!” Trump supporters fired back saying “that’s all you do, you talk about race! this is not about race, our jobs are taken away by China, I can’t get a job anywhere because they were all outsourced to China, your democrat leaders who you support have all betrayed us, what did they ever do to us?” BLM continued with their non-arguments saying that they shouldn’t vote and support Trump because he’s white and hes racist. Sure! When you don’t have an argument to answer to straight out facts, just throw in some socialist words like “racist, nazis, xenophobe, bigot, islamophobe, antisemite”, etc. whatever, there are tons of socialist words to chose from. In the below video there is a BLM member wearing a Guy Fawkes mask saying to a black Trump supporter “my brother” dozens of times, despite the two having totally different political views. The BLM member thought that Trump guy is his “brother” just because he is black. Now if that isn’t racism, then I don’t know what is! BLM movement is openly a racist organization no different than the KKK and just as KKK became a slander term, so should BLM become a slander term in a normal rational society.

Despite BLM’s massive celebration on Twitter touting the entire skirmish as a “victory” there wasn’t a single Trump supporter, black or white, converted by them. None said that after this they will no longer vote for Trump. In fact most of Trump’s supporters who were interviewed and polled said that they feel stronger for Trump after these riots because “they feel insulted by the democrats who undermine them and the choice that they made” while others said that they feel exactly the same for Trump, neither stronger nor weaker, simply unhinged after the entire thing.

So the logical question that comes into mind is what do all of those violent socialist morons hope to achieve with their protests?

Not shocking at all was the establishment mainstream media which immediately came out in support for BLM and bashed Trump with the exception of Sean Hannity whose career at FOX News is a complete mystery of why he wasn’t fired a long time ago for being so anti-establishment and so fair and well balanced in general compared to the other pundis.

It is now time for Trump’s supporters to do the same to Democrats! Infiltrate their speeches and go berserk, riot, protest, shout “communist scum, red scum, NWO globalist” to both Bernie and Hillary or whatever you find appropriate. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

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