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The Pope Kissed The Feet Of Asylum Seekers

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The Pope’s ritual where he washes and kisses the feet of twelve men, took place at a center for asylum seekers just outside Rome, confirms the Vatican.

There, he washed and kissed the feet of twelve young Muslim asylum seekers to show the international community the importance of providing refugees shelter, said an official in the Vatican.

– It was simple, but expressive, says Archbishop Rino Fisichella on a visit to Castelnuovo di Porto, located 30 kilometers north of Rome.

The ritual Thursday commemorates how Jesus humbly washed the disciples’ feet the night before he died. Previous Popes have washed the feet of the cardinals at the Vatican, but Francis has broken with this tradition since he was elected in 2013. He has held the ritual in a center for young criminals, in a nursing home for the elderly, and in a prison.

Pope Francis has repeatedly asked Europe to open its doors to refugees, and at the Palm Sunday Mass, he asked the world not to turn its back on people in need.

Easter is the year’s liturgical highlight of the Catholic Church, and the week is busy for Pope. As head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, he will attend all Easter ceremonies, writes Rome Reports.


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4 Responses to " The Pope Kissed The Feet Of Asylum Seekers "

  1. lindajoyadams says:

    This was not a teaching of helping others in need.by universal Christianity. Communion and feet washing is for those who want to ‘commune” with Christ or be ‘washed clean’ in Christ==its for those who are believers. And some sects say baptized members only.What was shown is the returned Christ serving the returned Mahdi which is not the same entity at all. And he was wrong to imply in his words it is. ONE WORLD RELIGION WILL NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN ACHIEVED BY HUMANITY as it denies each one FREEDOM OF THOUGHT. iT’S WHY FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS CRUCIAL AS EACH IS TO RESPECT OTHERS FREEDOM OF THOUGHT BUT OFFER ONES PERSONAL BELIEFS BY WORDS AND EXAMPLE FOR ONE TO FREELY CHANGE AND FOLLOW ANOTHER. BELIEF” What we saw mocked Christ as it represented the RETURNED CHRIST BOWING TO THE RETURNED MAHDI and Pope Francis, I disagree with you that they entity. PRAY! the ‘thought police do not come for my different opinion As a Christian I am to love all peoples and help. others but am not taught to let down the boundaries we all d to have for survival of ones eternal soul and survival are OK if we have an open ‘gate’ to those we can help. One person or nation cannot always do it alone. So the teaching of all helping out those fleeing from a horrific war zone is laudible, but the world community is needed to help out a whole in cooperation. And not all have.and some who came were those wishing to do harm to those who wanted to help! We are to be smart, to do the best for those in need and the world community got overvwhelmed. .Linda Joy Adams

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  2. skreamer says:

    Well its a step up from kissing little boys penises!

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  3. skreamer says:

    He would want to pour vodka over his feet to help kill the germs!……”then light them on fire for spiritual purification!”

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  4. skreamer says:

    What you need to do when the pope kisses your feet is to stick a special knife made to kill the anti-christ in the back of his neck!
    Then peace shall rein on earth for many a century!

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