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Ted Cruz Eats His Own Booger During The FOX Republican Debate

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Ted Cruz appeared to eat a booger during Thursday night’s Republican debate, just one of the crazy moments from a debate that featured more on-stage bickering and bizarre comebacks than policy debates.

The Texas Senator may have had the most unintentionally gross moment of the night, as he appeared to eat a booger that dangled from his nose and eventually fell from his lip and into his mouth. The moment caught the almost immediate attention of social media, where many people shared the video and tried to figure out if they saw what they thought the did.

It all happened while Cruz was attacking Trump and his millions of voters. It was like a sign from God, like “Ohh shut up already you phony liar and eat a booger!”

Most news media outlets defended Cruz, saying that he may have eaten the booger unintentionally but if you pay close attention to his lips, when the booger was on his upper lip, he didn’t know about it, then the pesky booger moved itself to the lower lip. At this point Cruz realizes he has an alien object on his lip. We can’t say for sure he knew it was a booger or if he thought it was something else.

As he realized it, he purposefully ate it, trying to hide it. Cruz probably thought that it would be the most discrete thing to do instead of wiping it with his hands, a movement everyone would notice. And of course there’s also the possibility where Cruz knowingly ate his own booger just cause its tasty! Yummmm!

Despite his discreteness, many noticed and Cruz now turned into a laughingstock on Twitter and Facebook.

Video of the booger-eating can be found below, for those who really need to see it.


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