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Ted Cruz and John Kasich plot to steal Trump's Delegates in South Carolina

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Cruz and Kasich are reaching out to delegates in the hopes of undermining one of the billionaire’s big early victories.

Donald Trump triumphed in South Carolina’s primary last month. Now, the state could be ground zero for his undoing.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are aggressively mobilizing allies to recruit and elect their own South Carolina loyalists to the national Republican convention — scheduled for late July in Cleveland.

All 50 of South Carolina’s delegates are duty-bound to support Trump on a first vote, but interviews with two dozen prospective delegates and party insiders — including several Trump backers — reveal a widespread belief that Cruz and Kasich will succeed in wresting the delegation away from Trump if the nomination fight heads to a second ballot. If Trump is unable to claim the nomination immediately, South Carolina could help tip the scales away from the New York billionaire.

“I could never vote for Donald Trump, ever,” said Vic Dabney of Kershaw County, S.C., a Cruz supporter who said he is pursuing a run for delegate. “He shares none of my values.”


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