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Russian “Doomsday” Missile Ordered Activated Ahead Of US-EU Terror Strike

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A sobering new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Minister of Defense (MoD) says that President Putin has ordered an immediate deployment to “combat status” of “all currently operational” RS-26 intercontinental ballistic missile systems ahead of what is described to be a “terror spectacular” Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) attack upon the European Union and/or United States.

The RS-26, this report explains, is categorized as a “doomsday weapon” packing a frightening 1,2 megatons into its four 300 kiloton warheads, is able to hit targets throughout the US with its 11,000 kilometer (6,835 mile) range, the US missile defense system is “absolutely useless” against it, and whose booster stage is down to under five minutes that means NATO radars in Europe will have no time to register the launch, thus making the Federation “100% safe” unlike any other nation in the world.

President Putin’s order to deploy this fearsome “doomsday weapon”, this report continues, is due to the “erratic/puzzlingly” Obama regime response to secret Islamic State documents turned over last week to both the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND).

These secret Islamic State documents, this report details, were seized by the BND in Berlin on 3 March after the arrest of [изгладить его имя] who is the 33-year-old physician son of an Arab father and German mother—and which were found after BND officers searched his four properties in Berlin and Mannheim, his home city.

Particularly alarming about these secret Islamic State documents seized by the BND, this report notes, were the detailed plans, including personal names and the “experience of jihad” of these terrorists, describing a number of mass terror attacks to be launched simultaneously in the style of those that struck New York City and Washington D.C. on 11 September 2001.

Upon the CIA’s receipt of these secret Islamic State documents from the BND, this report continues, they immediately shared them with Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) who, in turn, prepared a synopsis of them for London’s Metropolitan Police whose spokesman, and Britain’s most senior anti-terrorism officer, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, immediately issued a warning that Islamic State fighters want to carry out “enormous and spectacular” attacks against Britain and the Western lifestyle in general.

The Obama regimes response to this “dire and looming” Islamic State “terror spectacular” threat to America and its people though, unlike Britain’s, this report says, was “completely astounding”, because, instead of preparing their citizens for what is to come, they announced they were sending to Europe more tanks and helicopters to “counter Russia” and were further preparing to sends thousands of troops against Russian borders too.

With the Obama regime losing, or arguably has lost, the protracted proxy war with Russia over Syria, this report concludes, its actions in regards to this Islamic State “terror spectacular” warning is not only puzzling, but actually “borders on the insane” for which there are currently no answers to explain.


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