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Pope Francis Slams Christians on Easter Day for "Rejection of Refugees"

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Pope Francis delivers his Easter message following a mass at the Vatican, March 27, 2016.

Pope Francis has criticized the “rejection” of refugees by the countries that could offer help, as European countries have been acting to stop an unprecedented inflow of refugees.

“The Easter message of the risen Christ… invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees… fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice,” the Pope said in his Easter message on Sunday.

“All too often, these brothers and sisters of ours meet along the way with death or, in any event, rejection by those who could offer them welcome and assistance,” the leader of the Roman Catholic Church added.

Pope Francis has frequently urged the international community to fight xenophobia and open doors to refugees.

His latest remarks come as Europe has been witnessing an unprecedented influx of refugees who are fleeing conflict-ridden zones in Africa and the Middle East, particularly Syria. Last year, more than a million refugees entered Europe. Many blame the interventionist and hegemonic policies of Western powers and their regional allies for the spread of violence in the region.

The European Union (EU) and Turkey have recently agreed on a plan to curb the flow of refugees who cross from Turkey to Greek islands by boats. Human rights organizations and UN agencies have criticized the agreement, saying it would lead to the illegal return of refugees who face conflict or prosecution in their homelands.

In his Sunday remarks, Pope Francis also referred to Syria’s five-year-long conflict with “its sad wake of destruction, death, contempt for humanitarian law.” He further raised hope that the warring sides in Syria would soon settle their differences and end the conflict.

“Good will and the cooperation of all will bear fruit in peace and initiate the building of a fraternal society,” he added.

A ceasefire agreement devised by Russia and the United States, which came into force across Syria on February 27, has been holding despite minor reports of violations.

Delegates from the Syrian government and opposition groups are anticipated to resume talks in April.


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  • rh2

    The Puppet Pope is on the same wavelength as other NWO race traitors, e.g. the odious Frau Merkel and her EU mob. Everything he pontificates on is serious bad news for the White race in Europe. Francis might be a good fellow to play poker with (a real sucker), but he should seek a different line of ‘work’. The Papacy is beyond his abilities!

  • Jay3p1

    Whaoo! Is he Illuminati or what. Reminds me of WW 2 when the “authorities’ of countries” who refused to take in Jews so they could be spared the Holocaust which I believe the Elites sanctioned. Now it’s in reverse. We are supposed to let the poor Serians (but a good many are terrorists) in so that they can create Wars as was in Yugoslavia all over the western world. The Pope back then was in line with Hitler’s plan. Look it up on YouTube, I’m sure you can still find that information.

  • Dogandcat

    Wow. His Hisness lecturing the sheep on how to be better sheep!!!!!!!!!! Almost an Onion piece…….sadly not. Does the pope know Muslims hate Christianity? Want to kill every Christian? Probably………..

  • Edward_Teach

    The muslims have a pope, the Catholics need to find their own.

  • Edward_Teach

    He’s more concerned with the well being of the muslim invaders than he is of the European Christian.

  • Kevin Slack


  • Taking care of business!

    The false prophet has spoken, again.

  • Taking care of business!

    Perhaps he should DIRECTLY join the bombering, raping, beating, etc. demonic savages–he’s already got their back.

  • Warpaint

    This is the LAST Pope and you can see the reason why…

  • Dow Jones

    Gobble gobble censor that

  • skreamer

    The king of pedophiles has spoken! All hail the king!
    Why would the king of rape want to stop more rapists! The new Muslim invader rapists can teach him all about rape circles! …..and then they can teach the children and so on.
    Its all about sharing culture.
    Now i know why the king of pedophiles has the Swiss guard to protect him.
    They should make Kim Jong Um pope!….He would be much more exciting.

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