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Latina Restaurant Owner Harassed-Threatened for "Latinos for Trump" Sign

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Restaurant owner Betty Rivas received abusive and threatening calls after attending a Trump rally with a “Latinos Support Trump” sign.

Now locals are flooding into her restaurant to show Betty support after the reports of harassment made the news.

KGUN9 reported:

KGUN9 On Your Side went back to visit Sammy’s Mexican Restaurant in Catalina after our story aired and the Rivas’ family said on Tuesday, they have now become overwhelmed with showings of support.

“…At 7-o-clock, my husband called me and say, ‘You need to come in and I said, ‘ Why?’” said owner Betty Rivas. “I think it happen something bad.”

But, instead – the flood of customers came for more than just the food. Customers like Rhonda Mikuski – who said, she’s been to the restaurant before, but made a special visit today.

“We just wanted to come by today – more or less -to just show our support that America still exists,” said Mikuski. “People have the right say what they want to say without being threatened.”

Harry Edmondson said he heard about the drama through the news and Facebook and he felt the need to come by.

“I don’t want her to fail because some people… are meaning to shut free speech down,” Edmondson said. “So, I’ll support her”

But, Rivas said, she did not exercise her right to vote today, saying she was too busy and had not come to a decision on a candidate yet.

“No, I’m still thinking,” Rivas laughed.


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  1. Johan says:

    Thank God that sanity actually does prevail in this socialistic contaminated society. Good for you, you are my heroes!

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