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John Kasich the Ohio Buffoon that Just Won't Quit shows his True Colors

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During the latest CNN Republican debate, the current establishment Ohio governor John Kasich said that he frankly thinks “the Europeans went in the wrong direction when they rejected Turkey from joining into the economic sphere of Europe” and then he goes on mumbling with his “simple fact of the matter” lines which he used during this debate for at least 10 times, probably believing it will make him look smart.

Well Kasich, “the simple fact of the matter” is Europe’s ancestors fought with the Ottoman Empire for centuries to stop them from conquering Rome and Vatican and stop them from waiving their Islamic flag over these symbolic cities and we can’t just let them in now without a fight.

Turkey, even though its not an empire anymore it still has imperialistic desires of becoming a caliphate and unfortunately Ataturk’s legacy of a moderate Turkey is almost completely gone now with the vast majority of Turks converting back to fundamentalist Islamism. Just 20 years ago Istanbul was almost just like any modern European city, with young beautiful sexy girls wearing mini-skirts and all but now, in 2016 Istanbul is plagued with fundamentalist Muslims wearing hijabs and going back to the basics of Islam. Women oppression is rising in Turkey more than ever before. Its all mostly because of Erdogan’s iron fist rule, which is very similar to the rule of the ancient sultans.

There are already millions of Turks in the EU and no one is really happy about that except for traitorous politicians such as Angela Merkel who swore to never allow Turkey to join the EU during the German elections, but now broke all her campaign promises and is openly and relentlessly pushing forward for Turkey to join the EU. Turkey is not even on the European continent. Turkey is situated in Asia or how the Americans put it, “the Middle East”. Turkey only has a tiny fraction in Europe. Ok let that small tiny fraction of Turkey join the EU but the rest of Turkey has no place to join the EU simply because its NOT European. If you get Turkey in, you might as well get Tanzania, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia to join in, etc. and if you do that, you might as well change the name from EUROPEAN Union into WORLD Union of Babylon which is something no one wants but then again the EU parliament is a complete replica of the Tower of Babel so no surprise here that the globalists are pushing for a one world government with Satan himself leading it. Turkey has nothing in common with the average Europeans. They have a different culture, a different religion, a different race and a different tradition. There’s nothing that the two have in common so therefore there can never be a joining and a marriage between the two John.

The GOP clown Kasich just won’t quit despite not winning a single state and always scoring fourth (last). Even Rubio which is third is now finally having the decency to consider dropping out. Kasich’s plan is that he has no plan whatsoever, he just holds to his position like an average parasite holds to its host.

According to each and every single poll Trump leads Ohio by a huge margin of at least 10%. Ohio is a winner-take all state so Kasich won’t get a single delegate yet he still holds on to the race, risking to make a complete buffoon out of himself being beaten in his own state. This could cost him his job in the future as Ohioans might vote for someone else in the future. Unless the governor is planning on fraudulent elections and on stealing from Trump, there is no way he will ever beat Trump in his home state of Ohio. Even if Kasich fairly wins Ohio which is impossible, his delegates numbers will still never be enough for him to ever get the nomination. It only goes to show how pathetic this clown of a governor really is, how much of an establishment puppet he is.

Kasich was also the only one on the stage who openly admitted on being for common core education which is something the Americans are totally against and not just with the Republicans but with Democrats as well.

John Kasich was also THE ONLY one on the stage who said that he will allow all the 12 million illegals to stay in the US and he would grant all of them US citizenship with the exception of those who committed a crime. Even full-time establishment scumbags such as Rubio didn’t said that, yet Kasich did.

During the debate Kasich was also the only one who threatened Russia with aggression like the average brainless warmonger with his finger on the nuclear button. You have to understand, its people like this who move the doomsday clock closer and closer to the end. These people are so disconnected from the real world, they somehow believe that Russia is a larger Iraq and nothing more. These moronic clowns such as Kasich forget or either have no clue whatsoever that Russia is world nuclear SUPERPOWER with highly sophisticated weaponry such as Iskander, Pantsir-S2, Topol-M the fastest and stealthiest nuclear ICBM in the entire world, PAK FA jet which is at least 2 times better than F-22, ARMATA Tank which is THE most powerful and sophisticated tank in the world with a fully robotic turret, S-400 Triumf for example is THE (not one of the, but THE) most powerful anti-missile shields in the world. And now Russia has just rolled out new futuristic “Batmobiles‘ which look like they came out of Sci-Fi movies. Warmongers such as Kasich believe that the US has “modern equipment” and that Russia has outdated military equipment. Perhaps this is where their foolish confidence comes from. However the above examples are just a few of what Russia has in its arsenal and with all that said, it looks like the US is the outdated one these days while Russia has the modern equipment. A war with Russia means World War 3 and WW3 means THE END OF THE WORLD.

With all that said, do not think that we are openly supporting Russia or Putin but its just the truth that Russia is a world military superpower and we would NEVER under no circumstance, support a war with Russia. Not even if Stalin came back from the dead. Russia isn’t seeking a war with NATO so why is the US pushing its EU NATO puppies to a suicide “war” with Russia? Its not even going to be a war Mr. Kasich, its going to be a total bloodbath. Russia can wipe Europe off the map within only 24 hours according to all military experts if they ever unleash a full scale nuclear war on Europe. So Kasich, seriously cut the warmongering rhetoric! No one wants it, no one is buying it and no one wants what you want. You are promoting the genocide of the white European race with your dangerous temperamental warmongering anti-Russian rhetoric! And come to think of, the establishment media dogs used to call Trump the “buffoon” and the guy with “temperament issues with his finger on the nuclear button”. Yet Trump is the most tempered of them all and we trust his finger on the nuclear button more than any other fingers, both in the Republican and Democrat race. He is the only one who wants to be a friend of Russia and not an open enemy willing to end humanity as we know through a World War 3. Kasich is the real GOP buffoon, not Trump. Kasich just doesn’t know when to quit.

Bottom line, Kasich shouldn’t even be on the stage debating anymore considering his numbers. He is a fool and a clown.

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