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John Kasich is Mathematically Impossible to Get the Nomination

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The people of Ohio voted for a man for whom it is mathematically impossible to get the nomination.

After what has been basically dubbed as Super Tuesday 2, John Kasich ended up with 143 delegates. The required number of delegates is 1237 while the available number of delegates is 1061. Even if John Kasich would somehow magically win all the remaining 1061 delegates it would still be mathematically impossible for him to reach the required number of 1237 because 1061 available delegates + 143 Kasich delegates = 1204

Furthermore in order to be allowed to become the Republican nominee you have to win at least 8 states. During the 2012 Republican National Convention, the delegates approved a little-known and very obscure rule change that could potentially give Donald Trump a boost at the 2016 convention and hurt his opponents. The rule requires a candidate to win the majority of the delegates from eight different states in order to win the nomination. Without going into too much detail, the reason for the rule change was to keep Ron Paul from getting his name called on the convention floor.

John Kasich just won his first and last state. After Ohio he won’t win a single other state. The battle is now between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Kasich is now the O’Malley buffoon of the Republican party.

There are a ton of idiots in Ohio who voted for Kasich just because he is from there without knowing a single other damn thing about him.

At this point it should be obvious to any low-IQ imbecile that Kasich was solely in the race to take the Ohio delegates away from Trump. That was his only purpose. That’s why Rubio was also in the race until Florida. The GOP wants a brokered convention and Kasich is their little soldier boy. John Kasich could also be in the race just because he’s after a Vice President job and he might want to use his delegates to whoever needs them as a bargain. However Kasich just declared a few hours ago: “There’s no way I would team up with Donald Trump. No Way. Forget It.”

It would have been nice if the media would have made this clear to the math-challenged people of Ohio. If they’d been aware of the mathematical impossibility, Trump could have bridged the gap.

People just don’t naturally expect this level of trickery. The media is interviewing this guy and he’s like “yeah, well, we think we’re gonna turn things around…” – turn things around how? By breaking the laws of mathematics?

It was an attempt to screw Trump and sadly, due to the lack of math skills among Ohioans, it worked. Ohioans voted for the candidate with the lowest chances of becoming the nominee, thus creating a chaos and an almost certain brokered convention but Trump will win now. In fact it’s over, Trump already won and no one can stop him now, while the Republican Establishment still thinks it has the power and threatens to APPOINT whoever they want and ignore the people’s votes, Trump himself has issued a threat to the establishment: RIOTS!

Ted Cruz is also finished, he lost support from many conservatives after siding with the Black Lives Matter rioters in Chicago. Cruz has been exposed as a total establishment fraud a long time ago but now people have finally started to wake up and see that Trump is the ONLY real anti-establishment candidate in the race. Cruz just lost 300.000 followers on Twitter overnight after siding with the Black Lives Matter rioters. He also lost support from prominent conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Jan Morgan and Walter Block among many others. Kasich was never in the game to begin with and Cruz’s game is almost over.

Bernie Sanders is also finished. He has no chance now so he might just drop out because he can’t stop Clinton now no matter what he does. What’s really interesting though is that its estimated for at least 3 out of 10 democrats who supported Bernie Sanders to jump ship to Donald Trump. Despite being in different parties and having different ideologies, the two are still very similar in many ways and they are both anti-establishment.

With that in mind, a new battle is now about to start: Trump vs Clinton, with the two candidates already starting to throw a few insults at each other. The battle between Trump and Clinton is not something to be taken lightly. Clinton is probably the fiercest opponent so far. She has an ace up her sleeve. She has the woman card and she will play it out against Trump or any other Republican fiercely. She already attacked Trump with that ace, calling him a “sexist”. She will try to divide genders and make it all about what you have in your pants instead of policies or anything else and since most people are already gender divided due to constant media brainwashing, she might have a chance at it. Trump will probably use the emails against her. So, expect a fierce battle between the two.

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