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Jan Morgan dumps Lyin Ted Cruz after blaming Trump for Chicago protests

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If ever there was a clearer example of “grasping at straws“, I honestly don’t know what it would be. Senator Ted Cruz has just shown the world “how candidates should not speak and act“.

Oh really, Republican’s are unifying behind Ted? I don’t think so. Probably (other than the NRA itself) the highest profile 2nd Amendment

advocate in America just said good-bye to Ted last night. In this letter posted on her Facebook page, Jan Morgan (Fox News Contributor, NRA Certified Instructor and 2nd Amendment advocate) not only withdrew her endorsement of Cruz but actually apologized to America for ever having endorsed him in the first place.

I happen to agree with Jan. For Cruz to waltz out of a hotel or convention facility or wherever he was at and hurl charges at Donald Trump that protesters are showing up at Trump rallies and it is Trump’s fault is not only wrong, it is borderline egregious, to put it mildly. Had Ted done his research prior to sticking his Justin Ostrich boot down his lying Senatorial throat, he would have known that once again, “this is part and parcel to a George Soros manipulated event. Case in Point Here!

Here is the actual advertisement soliciting protesters with instructions from the Facebook page.

America; it is one thing to campaign hard, it is one thing to make bold statements and it is even one thing to claim your opponent is not qualified to be elected to the office you seek. It is an entirely another thing to just flat out lie. Remember it was Ted Cruz who campaigned across Iowa with a Bible in one hand and a microphone in another and quoted scripture at every stop to show his devotion to the Holy Bible and God. It was also Ted Cruz that told his Caucus Speakers to go out and tell voters that Dr. Carson had dropped from the race.

If this doesn’t give pause to those Cruz devotee’s who like to paint him as the “only Christian” in this race and the “only man who can save America because of his faith“, I would like to remind you of another fellow who had many devotees that followed their leader to destruction. His name was Pastor Jim Jones!


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One Response to " Jan Morgan dumps Lyin Ted Cruz after blaming Trump for Chicago protests "

  1. rh2 says:

    Good for you, Jan Morgan! Withdrawing your support for Ted Cruz after he blamed Trump for the Chicago fiasco is the right decision. Like the devious Paul Ryan, I believe Cruz to be another backstabber. He presents himself as a knight in shining armor, but in reality is the complete opposite. If elected President, the man’s actions would betray his voters’ trust in him .He wouldn’t only grant amnesty to all illegals in the US, but keep the flow of undocumented aliens pouring in as well. As for the border wall, a President Cruz would never build it!

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