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Homo sapiens lived in the North Pole 45,000 years ago, before the ice age

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Homo sapiens lived in the North Pole 45,000 years ago, before the ice age: they found the evidence. They are the Hyperboreans Evola.

He writes Science magazine in its issue 351 of January 15 last year.

The proof is in the form of a mammoth carcass, frozen for thousands of years, leading many signs of bullet wounds inflicted by cutting tip and both pre either post-mortem, together with the remains of a hunted wolf placed in a position separate, of similar age. Both findings indicate that humans sapiens, capable of hunting and dissecting prey, could have introduced across the Arctic Siberia at least ten thousand years earlier than previously thought.

The team of paleontologist Vladimir V. Pitulko Russian Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg has found evidence of human presence at 72 ° North in the well dating back to 45,000 years ago Polar Circle (radiocarbon test). Never before, they had recorded traces of homo sapiens so far north. The place is called to Sopochnaia Karga and is in full Arctic Siberia (lat. 71.86 – lon. 82.7).
So far, in fact, all the more northerly finds dating 45,000 years ago were found at 55 ° N, in Western Siberia, while higher up, in the Siberian Arctic, traces of human presence had been traced to 30 / 35,000 years ago, but not more than 66 ° were never recorded N.

The news is a real bomb and corroborates the insights of the great traditionalist Julius Evola exposed as a Revolt Against the Modern World . And ‘here, in fact, to the North Pole, which the writer places the country of the Hyperboreans that, according to the sacred geography of ancient traditions “were the people who lived in the eternal light, whose region was home Delphic Apollo, pure, radiant, the Golden age god. ” “I strain – I quote from memory – a time and priestly gifts, like that of the Boreal, drew this dignity from this land Apollonian: being cycle, solar cycle, cycle of light, these are the characters that presents the Age Gold, or the Age of the Gods “.

revolt-against-the-world-modern The North as a symbolic place, then, to Evola, the meaning of which is indistinguishable from that of the place of the first age. “There lies before – he writes – a reason which is, simultaneously, a spiritual meaning and real significance to refer to something where the symbol was reality and reality was a symbol, in which history and history were super two sides do not separated, indeed transparent one into the other. ” Evola thus argues that, according to tradition, in the Paleolithic era (better, “High prehistory”), which is to correspond to the same gold or being age, “the polar land would be a region in the north, in today marks the area where the arctic pole of the earth, the region inhabited by beings in possession of the non-human spirituality (gold, glory, light, life) that took in just the uranian tradition in its purest form and was the main fount of the forms that this tradition he had other civilizations, most notably the Atlantic “.

Just think of the Roman tradition, Romulus and his calendar “arctic” for ten months.

Or the writings of the “Brahmin” Indian Bal Gangadhar Tilak, The Arctic Home in the Vedas that support, based on the Vedic hymns and the ‘Avesta, that the Aryans inhabited the North Pole before the last ice age.

Now, this “our” Tradition, we have tangible paleontological evidence.


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