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Establishment Scared, "Trump Didn't Belong to the Secret Society" - Newt Gingrich

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly last night that the establishment is scared of Donald Trump because he “didn’t belong to a secret society” and wasn’t involved in any of the rituals associated with such groups.

Discussing Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech yesterday, Gingrich said it represented “the panic of the establishment wing of the (Republican) Party,” and that the prospect of Trump becoming the nominee “absolutely drives them crazy”.

When asked why, Gingrich responded, “Well because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he didn’t belong to the secret society.”

Gingrich is in a perfect position to know about “secret societies” given his affiliation with Bohemian Grove, an annual encampment that takes place every year in Monte Rio, California and is attended by some of the most powerful people in the world.

Gingrich’s photograph is featured in the Annals of the Bohemian Club, Volume 7, 1987-1996 alongside George W. Bush and his father.

The former Speaker of the House could also be referring to Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale which counts amongst its members both George W. and John Kerry, who ran against each other in the 2004 presidential election.

Skull and Bones is notorious for its initiation rituals, which according to some include masturbating in a coffin. In 2001, journalist Ron Rosenbaum became the first outsider to witness some of the rituals. Video footage of the ceremony shows ‘Bonesmen’ screaming while they kiss a skull and perform a mock murder.

A great video comment on this from Mark Dice


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One Response to " Establishment Scared, "Trump Didn't Belong to the Secret Society" - Newt Gingrich "

  1. Don De says:

    Newt knows Donald Trump may have belonged to the Lord of Flies in New York Military Academy but he definitely did not belong to Yale’s secret Skull & Bones Society like the Bush family did along with many Washington politicians and powerful inner-ring lobbyists. That’s why Trump’s considered an outsider. He owes no favors nor gives any favors to this formerly uber-secret conclave as they have among themselves since their inception. I’m just surprised Newt gave such a public warning to Trump. They must be in panic mode. I can just see them dancing around the Bohemian Grove campfire smoking wacky weed trying to come up with a plan to derail Trump before he derails them and their money making schemes.

    Don De

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