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Donald Trump Snake Warning Goes Viral

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GOP frontrunner warns of Trojan horse invasion.

A YouTube video depicting a stark warning from presidential candidate Donald Trump regarding the refugee crisis is continuing to go viral across the web.

Reciting lyrics from the 1968 song “The Snake” by Al Wilson, based off Aesop’s fable of The Farmer and the Viper, the business mogul explains how Europe is being slowly overtaken by radical jihadists.


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  • gr8nooz

    The World needs to understand that there are uncivilized barbarians still existing today. There are others that are too ‘uncivilized’ as seen by most, but they desire to learn and to have a better life, and are willing to do the thing to obtain it. However, the barbarian branch of the uncivilized chooses not to, and are possessed to remain as barbarians, and therefore cannot ever assimilate into modern society, and are hell-bent on tearing it down if they are allowed. This is nothing new to history of the last 1400+ years. Nothing has changed accept for a foolish un-discerning tolerance and a modern delusion that says we can all get along if we just love one another. That only goes so far when there are those that have no clue what God’s love is, or even reject His love, and who desire death more than life itself. Will the modern day world’s suicidal tolerance and delusion lead us on a path toward civilization’s end?

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