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Black Woman asks Trump for Job during Washington Press Conference, Gets Hired

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Donald Trump, the Republican nominee front-runner, leans in to give Alicia Watkins a kiss on the cheek while a colleague watches in the background after Trump offered her a job because she had a ‘great look’.

A black woman, who was identified as Alicia Watkins, asked Trump for a job and he brought her to the podium. He then suggested that if they could agree upon a salary, she’d be brought onto the staff at the hotel, which he set to open this fall. He did not, however, break out his catchphrase “You’re hired!”

AS USUAL, the mainstream media lied even about this claiming and implying that it was Trump who offered her a job out of the blue, despite everything being videotaped and broadcasted live. They failed to mention that it was she who asked him for a job during the conference.

Donald Trump has offered the black woman a job and complimented her, told her that she had a ‘great look’ when she asked him a question at a press conference held at one of his hotel projects, despite being a “racist nazi Hitler”, according to mindless leftist morons.

Freelance blogger Alicia Watkins, 38, had asked him a question about hiring veterans at the under-construction building in Washington DC.

He responded by pulling her onstage in front of the press and asking her about her qualifications.

Telling Trump she was a 9/11 survivor, an Iraq and Afghanistan vet and a retired Air Force staff sergeant, Watkins – who also claims she was once homeless – was given clearance by the candidate’s campaign staff to ask a question beforehand.

Watkins approached the stage and told The Donald she did ‘design’ briefs and ‘all kinds of decorations’ for interiors.

She then asked if his new hotel in Washington would include a veterans employment program and Trump said it would.

According to The New York Post, he said: ‘We need good people, so what’s your experience, in front of the world?’

He later told gathered press: ‘If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s probably going to have a job.

‘She looks so smart. She asked a question and it was a very positive question. She looks like she’s got a great look.’

She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek before being whisked away by one of Trump’s associates.

The Trump campaign told CNNMoney that Watkins worked for a website called ‘Troops Media’ – which focuses on military affairs for veterans.

However, according to CNNMoney there is no such website and when informed, the Trump campaign said they would examine the issue.

In 2010, Watkins, who was then homeless, appeared on Oprah and also last year took part in a ‘Where Are They Now?’ segment.

She told the daytime television host she had been accepted to Harvard on the G.I. Bill.

The Republican front-runner said his ‘gut instinct’ told him that the woman – who later identified herself as Alicia Watkins of Maryland – would be a good hire.

The episode was the latest example of the master marketer’s increasing tendency to intermingle his campaign with his business ventures, leveraging the attention he’s attracted on the campaign trail to boost his brand.

In recent weeks, Trump has held multiple events on his various Florida properties, including his Mar-a-Lago club in West Palm Beach and a duo of nearby golf courses.

At one election night event, he felt compelled to have his staff display numerous Trump-branded products, including bottles of still and sparkling wine from a family-owned vineyard bearing his name.

Trump asked a Latino woman, a LEGAL migrant to join the stage during Tucson, Arizona rally so that people can see her “Latinos For Trump” sign.

But mentioned most often is the hotel project, which Trump has repeatedly touted as evidence of the kind of thinking he’ll bring to the White House.

The project, he likes to brag, is on budget and scheduled to be completed in September – two years ahead of schedule, he says.

It also gives him the option of living on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, regardless of whether or not he ends up in the White House.

Trump spent the beginning of the press conference touting the project, which will employ 500 people, feature 300 ‘super luxury’ guest rooms and sport a lobby floor that would be ‘covered in marble, beautiful marble from different parts of the world’.

‘We want to make this one of the great hotels in the world and I think it’s coming out that way. I think you’re going to be very proud of it, the country will be very proud of it,’ he said.


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    Trump hires an American while obongo hires a few thousend jihadist…

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