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Black Lives Matter issues MAJOR THREAT to white people over presidential election

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What’s the more appropriate phrase: black lives matter, or all lives matter?

Obviously all lives matter, but Black Lives Matter (BLM) maintains its slogan is designed to draw attention to the fact that people don’t think their lives matter – but isn’t saying other lives don’t matter; just that theirs matter a little bit more.

Actions speak louder than words, and the violent rhetoric BLM spews makes it hard to believe such a defense. Whether it be advocating for the murder of police, or racial segregation, BLM seems intent on reversing the Civil Rights movement, not launching a new one.

We saw BLM protesters (among many other leftist groups) shut down a Trump rally in Chicago last week, with violence then breaking out. Protesters shattered the windows of cars with Trump stickers, and assaulted police.

If Trump wins the election, BLM has more violence planned. As the DC Gazette reports:

Black lives Matter spokesmen, Tef Poe has always been the voice of the bigoted group. In November 2014, Poe was even flown to the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland to speak about “police violence.” Funny, now that very same person is now inciting a race riot.

And these folks think asking for an official ID card before voting amounts to intimidation?


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3 Responses to " Black Lives Matter issues MAJOR THREAT to white people over presidential election "

  1. Ed Troyer says:

    Blacks are such a dysfunctional race. Some do well but most are propped up at best.

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  2. valleygirl1981 says:

    Black Lives Matter don’t ever talk about the Black Lives that are lost from gang/drug violence in which black people kill other black people. Not a word about it from these blacks. This is a weekly and often daily experience in the U.S., especially in Chicago and Oakland, California. BLM want something to fight about because these blacks are addicted to chaos and violence. BLM will never desire for the violence, the crazy-making, the huge riots, and alighting buildings up in flames and burn down, to never stop and go away, ever. And they could not care less that other Blacks are being killed daily and/or weekly!! BLM is an illegitimate organization. Blacks have been rioting and fighting since the 1960’s!!!! Blacks burned and tore down the entire city of Watts, California in 1965 and literally made it look like a war zone in Iraq!!! Blacks such as BLM will never stop delivering the chaos, the violence, the harassment and any other form of hostility and mayhem to society.

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  3. Peace_Warrior says:

    BLM have prove to be a bunch of racist thugs sponsored by George Sorrow.
    Fucks those hypocrites. All lives matter.

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