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US Psycho Media Calls Trump Racist, Votes Mindless Zombies After Wining NH

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The leftist media reacted with vitriol to Donald Trump’s crushing victory in New Hampshire – stooping to a new low by labeling his supporters racist, sexist zombies.

Trump trounced nearest contender John Kasich, taking 34 per cent of the vote, with establishment favorite Marco Rubio lagging behind in fifth place.

The Huffington Post exploded with resentment, running with the headline ‘NH GOES RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBIC’ in huge red capital letters.

A short time later, the headline was changed to ‘WTF GOP – Racist, Sexist, Demagogue WIns NH’.

This was just the latest salvo in the publication’s long running feud with Trump. It had previously relegated news stories about him to the ‘entertainment’ section, before Trump’s frontrunner status forced an embarrassing reversal of that policy.

Last month, the Huffington Post took the unprecedented step of adding a note to the bottom of every article about Trump which described him as a “liar,” a “racist,” and a “xenophobe.”

However, not to be outdone, the New York Daily News reacted to Trump’s win by portraying the business mogul as a clown next to the headline, ‘Dawn of the Brain Dead’.

“Clown comes back to life with NH win as Mindless dummies come out in droves,” read the subheadline.

Given such over the top treatment of Trump, one wonders how the leftist media will respond if he actually wins the Republican nomination, never mind the presidency itself.

Liberal Media: Only the “Brain Dead” Support Trump

Jewish democrat billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman’s Daily News headlines today with “Dawn of the Brain Dead: Clown comes back to life with N.H. Win as mindless zombies turn out in droves.”

The “news” tabloid, replete with photos of scantily clad women, porn stars and celebrity gossip, features a number of past covers—self described as “hard-hitting, thought-provoking”— lambasting Trump as an insane clown.

In other words, according to Zuckerman and crew, Americans fed up with an entrenched establishment that services multinational corporations and banking interests at their expense are akin to walking dead zombies enthralled by a clown.

The publisher is an ardent supporter of establishment insider and Goldman Sachs favorite Hillary Clinton. Zukerman has donated handsomely to the Clinton Foundation political machine along with fellow media magnates Bloomberg, James Murdoch, Carlos Slim, HBO, Time Warner, The Washington Post and others.

The foundation established by Bill Clinton is scandal wracked. It takes millions from foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates, countries not permitted to donate directly to presidential candidates. It is also lubricated by money from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Monsanto, McDonald’s, Walmart and other corporate behemoths.

While Republican establishment insiders have yet to stoop to the level of Zuckerman and the Democrats—caricaturizing Trump as a buffoon leading a pack of brain dead zombies—they are also desperately working behind the scene to undermine Trump’s campaign and install an insider in the White House.

The neocons favored Marco Rubio, but due to his dismal showing on Tuesday they may need to look at the lackluster Ohio Governor John Kasich who placed second in New Hampshire.


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