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The refugees no one wants

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In South Africa, Boers are forced to live in shanty towns because the post-Nelson Mandela era isn’t as “rainbow” as was promised.

For over a decade, laws have been in place which deliberately put Whites at a severe disadvantage when looking for work. 400,000 White South Africans now live in poverty, almost one out of ten.

White South Africans who are lucky enough to find work, must worry about being raped, tortured and murdered if they work on farms.

Things are so bad that a presidential candidate had to promise “never a white genocide under our rule.”

This particular camp is in Munsieville, near Johannesburg. There are about 80 more camps full of outcast Whites in the country.

They want to leave, but most cannot afford it, and few countries are willing to take more than a handful. You will not hear about these real refugees on the TV because they are White.

The mass media won’t document the suffering and farm murder genocide of White South Africans because it does not fit their narrative.

White people are supposed to be the oppressors who hold all the power, yet in South Africa they are victims of an openly ongoing genocide. In Zimbabwe, the genocide is almost completed, with only a handful of whites still living there.

A woman sits outside her makeshift home in the squatter camp in Munsieville, a township in the Krugersdorp area in Gauteng Province.

A growing number of whites are living below the poverty line in South Africa – the temporary camp is home to around 300 people.

Children run along the rocky, arid ground at the camp – they were born after the end of apartheid in 1994.

Old cars sit next to the flimsy shelters and makeshift toilets in the camp where families are forced to survive on less than £30 a month.

A man sits in a wheelchair, surrounded by three goats, as he takes shelter under a tree from the boiling hot sun.

A filthy child stares defiantly at the camera – conditions in the camp are tough and there is little food and running water and no electricity.

A man and a woman stand outside the wooden shack inside the camp – those living there are often refused hospital treatment.

A family pose for the camera inside their makeshift shelter – houses are typically built with bare earth floors, but floods wash away the top soil and leave decades-old waste exposed.

Two children sit on a wooden fence – one is barefoot and walks across the scratchy, sharp earth without any protection.

One of the temporary shelters that sits by a dusty track in the camp – a bundle of clothing lies on the floor by the side of the hut.

Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis in South Africa.

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3 Responses to " The refugees no one wants "

  1. chris says:

    Please see what the president of the Genocide Watch say about South Africa:

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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Libtards call this progress….
    These poor people are Dutch they should go back to Europe to the Netherlands, in fact the Dutch govt should pay for their ticket back home like Germany did when they literally bought back saxons living in Romania in the 80’s.
    I would rather see these poor rednecks coming in Europe than arab and black rapefugees, Im not racist by the way, Im a realist, telling the Truth is never racist dont forget that guys.

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    • wotnext says:

      Please understand this:

      South Africans are not Dutch. The Boers and the Afrikaners (many of whom will tell you in no uncertain terms that they are not the same) have ancestry other than Dutch, such as French and German. English-speaking South Africans are not necessarily of British descent either. Apart from English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry they can also have Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Polish, Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian and other ancestry. There were even Russians and Scandinavians in South Africa fighting on the side of the Boers during the Boer Wars, they did not all go home afterwards.

      The notion that all the Afrikaans speakers should go back to the Netherlands and all the English speakers should go back to Britain is, frankly, ridiculous. Some of our families have been here in South Africa since the mid-1600s. We no longer have any ties to Europe.

      Just as Americans have intermarried down the centuries, so have South Africans. White South Africans cannot be “repatriated” to Europe or Britain, any more than Americans can, and nobody is prepared to acknowledge that we are being slowly killed off, so they won’t give us asylum.

      The only way to get out of SA is to emigrate in the normal way. If you are young, healthy, and have skills that are in short supply, or if you are extremely wealthy (check the exchange rate of the Rand which would make most of us paupers internationally), you can do this. If not, you can’t get out.

      P.S. We are not all rednecks! Not the way you mean it, anyway. smile

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