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Refugees molested and photographed Swedish children on buses

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Kalmar County Transport are no longer allowing so-called “refugees” to use the same buses Swedish children use, because they have been suspected of molesting and harassing the children.

School children use the buses to get to their schools in the city of Oskarshamn, and back to their homes in the small towns around the city.

This route was also used by immigrants who wanted to get from their accommodations in the small towns, into the city. So the bus company decided it would be okay to let fully grown male immigrants use the buses as well.

Soon after, immigrants began sexually assaulting and harassing children of all ages; especially 13 year-old girls.

In one case, on January 28th, a 16-year old girl was cornered by a “refugee” man who reportedly tried to kiss her, and then stole her phone.

Children warned their parents they were being sexual harassed, and that some “have been photographed“.

Parents told the bus company and the police, and they decided to put guards on the buses.

This decreased complaints of sexual harassment somewhat, but the bus company has now kicked all immigrants off the school buses and is running an extra bus just for them.

“It is an asylum accommodation from which we have received a huge number of travelers, and it’s been very crowded and we’ve got to put in larger buses” said Kalmar County Transport Traffic and Planning Manager, Katharina Seijsing.

“Many girls feel that they have been threatened and harassed, or so they say, by fellow travelers and they feel insecure. It has also gone by in the past and they ran home.”

Things like this won’t stop Sweden’s elite from bringing more refugees. They couldn’t care what happens to little children as long as in the end they get their “diverse” and “multicultural” utopia goes on.

A Swedish politician, Mona Sahlin, Party Leader of the Social Democrats said “the White majority is the problem” and that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden , the old Sweden will not return.“

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5 Responses to " Refugees molested and photographed Swedish children on buses "

  1. Northlands101 says:

    Oh, so now its all men’s fault. Guys have been fighting this crap for decades. We’ve been warning you white women for years what would happen if this anti-white program continued, but women didn’t want to get involved. Look at any nationalist organization and it’s 80-90% men. Women need to get off their asses and quit blaming men. I’ve been involved in pro-white activities for over twenty years. I know what I’m talking about.

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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Thanks for the kind words I wish all woman were that patriotic, would make everything much less complicated.
    merkel, juncker and hollande should be arrested for High Treason, its an enigma to me why the German military and intelligence wont do anything while Germany gets literally raped and destroyed, things like that havent happened in Europe since WWII.
    I can ssure you that if Im at the right place at the right time no rapefugees will hurt anybody, and lets just leave it by that.
    Im from Hungary by the way, we have closed down our borders and said NO to the EU, we wont take any of their rapefugees we see whats happening in other parts of Europe and we have warned them in time, they didnt listen to us, so now we have to protect ourselves.
    Good luck to us all, we will need it.

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  3. Johan says:

    Allow me rgedyto introduce the unbelievable evil scum responsible for this universal tragedy. Please pay careful attention to what exactly is said by Barbara Learner Spectre in the following clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYKyp1e_jYc

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  4. Lone Ranger says:

    You guys spelled swedistan wrong, there is no such country as Sweden anymore, neither germany, its called merkelistan nowdays…

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    • Renee Terry says:

      Disgusting! Why is no one putting an end to the non-EU immigration? I’m ok with immigration and free movement within the eu but I’m definitely NOT ok with migrants coming from the Middle East! Guys is this what you want for your women? Why don’t you defend us? go join the politics, become a minister, a senator, do something about it! We need your protection, grow some balls and be the men we want you to be!

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