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Polish magazine cover shows woman in EU dress being groped by immigrants

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Finally, some honesty from the media!

This weeks’ cover of wSieci, titled “Islamic Rape of Europe” shows a White woman wearing an EU flag dress being groped by the hands of immigrant men.

The article begins: “The people of old Europe after the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne painfully realized the problems arising from the massive influx of immigrants. The first signs that things were going wrong, however, were there a lot earlier. They were still ignored or were minimized in significance in the name of tolerance and political correctness…”

The article finishes by asking “Does Europe Want to Commit Suicide?”

“Suicide” is just one viewpoint of what really is happening. You could argue that because the people vote for these parties, they are committing suicide.

It’s quite a weak argument though, because the people they vote for rarely say anything publicly about their anti-European agenda.

It is not the people who want to commit suicide, it is the elite who want to destroy the White majority, in both Europe and other Western societies.

There is an actual legal definition for what they are doing to us; it’s called “genocide.”

Genocide does not have to be violent, it can simply be government policies.

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