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In Bold Move To Stop World War, Putin Calls Saudi King Who Refuses To Talk To Obama

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The Minister of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin was forced to call king Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud earlier today after this leader of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) refused to talk to his nations supposed main ally, President Barack Obama of the United States.

According to this report, with the Saudi king refusing to accept President Obama’s call, it was left to President Putin to explain the essence of the Russian-US joint statement on Syria—and which the Kremlin reported as successful by stating: “The king of Saudi Arabia welcomed the reached agreements and expressed readiness to cooperate with Russia for their implementation”.

The Russian-US agreement on Syria, this report explains, was completed two days ago and calls for a ceasefire to begin in Syria at 00:00 (Damascus time) on 27 February 2016, but does not include airstrikes conducted by Syrian, Russian and the US-led coalition against Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) and al-Nusra Front terrorist forces that will continue.

The anger existing between President Obama and king Salman, this report continues, revolves around Saudi Arabia’s moves to collapse the United States oil production economy, which in 2015 had cost the jobs of nearly 300,000 Americans (and more expected in 2016) and just this week the Saudis telling the US that not only would they not stop flooding the world with cheap oil, they issued a warning to their US counterparts “to cut costs or go bust”.

Also angering the Sunni nation of Saudi Arabia, this report notes, is their belief that President Obama was secretly placed into office by America’s oligarchy class to move the US away from them and towards their centuries old enemy Shiite Iran—which was stunningly openly admitted to recently by the head of General Security for the Emirate of Dubai, General Dahi Khalfan, who said: “Obama, who has a Shi’ite origin, was elected to converge between the points of views of Iran and the US to stop the Iranian nuclear military project. The plan succeeded.”

Though this “plan” of rapprochement between the US and Iran against the Saudi’s described by General Khalfan may have succeeded, though, this report continues, the barely two-day old Russian-US agreement over Syria (also approved by the Syrian government and some rebel groups) appears to be headed for failure before it even starts after US Secretary of State, John Kerry, yesterday, warned that the Obama regime was working on a “Plan B” to rip apart Syria by partition.

To how foolishly, and dangerous, the Obama regime is being by even contemplating their “Plan B”, this report says, Foreign Minister Lavrov warned them about by grimly stating: “We want to say frankly that these voices are a call for war rather than for peace.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov further rebuked the Obama regimes “Plan B” escapade by stating that Russia would have nothing to do with it—and though not exactly stated, reinforcing Minister Lavrov’s contention that those against this agreement were headed for war—and most certainly includes US ally Turkey, who while Russia is taking “concrete steps” to implement a ceasefire, is continuing its shelling of Syria.

And with the Kurds now warning Turkey (the NATO nation that itself is nearing total civil war) that should they enter Syria a “big war” with Russia will be started, this report concludes, the true motivation of the Obama regime must be brought into question due to the US flooding the Federation’s Eastern Border nation of Germany with a staggering 5.000 tons of ammunition to be used against Russia and their just announced plans to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons while tens-of-millions of their citizens remain jobless, and millions more homeless.


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5 Responses to " In Bold Move To Stop World War, Putin Calls Saudi King Who Refuses To Talk To Obama "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Banksters and the militay industrial complex with their puppet politicans want WWIII simple as that, its not about oil or Syria, its about total control over everything if they cant control everything than their unpayable debt will collapse them, so for them its either all in or go bust, and thats why they are so dangerous, they are rabid dogs that must be put out of their misery, and the only one who can do that is Russia at the moment, at this point it would be a mercy kill, like for a zombie.

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  2. lindajoyadams says:

    Will someone please tell the Saudi’s that President Obama was born in Topeka ks and his real dad was a Christian, Jim T Parks. And will Kris Kobach please stop a war and log on to the military base births for Forbes Air Force Base Hospital , Topeka Ks and send President Obama a real certified copy. yes the Obama’s did marry in Topeka to give him his name and maybe the Saudi’s do consider that an Honor adoption. BUT WE DO NOT NEED TO START WWIII over a fake bio, which even president Obama was not told the truth even into adulthood as I was stopped from saying anything to him in 1/71. BIRTHERS you need to help on this and go after the truth in Topeka which you all seem to avoid as if the truth would do what. stop the money rolling in? by those who want Pres. Obama to be ineligible when he always was to be president. Dislike his politics and policies and focus and attempted murder of him unborn and his mother in Topeka that left him with no father may well have come full circle for those who denied justice to three + 2 for total of five. And now the wrath of that injustice is playing out on the world stage and obstructing stopping WWIII? Linda joy Adams.

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    • SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

      The faggot muslim commie is a Kenyan.

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      • lindajoyadams says:

        The man who married his mother pregnant with him to give him his name was Kenyon and that is a type of adoption by laws at the time in most places and still is in some. Married by my dad, Rev Tracy hardy in a Christian ceremony in Topeka Ks where he was born soon afterwards. It was a favor to his grandfather who was serving in Africa at the time . And Obama Sr did want to come to the USA. is what Dan told my dad, his uncle when he called from Africa to ask Ann if she would marry him. they did not live together that I am ever aware of. Daniel Wayne Pope , who stole Stanley Dunham’s id to go to WWII at age 14 and why he was born at Forbes Air Force Base Hospital Topeka KS.

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  3. nick1111 says:

    Obola and Erdogan are in one bed,
    Wahhabist in the WH

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