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Hillary Clinton is 'old news' after New Hampshire

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US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in an untenable position after suffering an embarrassing defeat in the first primary election in New Hampshire, says an American political analyst.

“Hillary is old news,” Daniel Patrick Welch said Wednesday in an interview with Press TV, arguing that the former secretary of state was given a chance by the ruling elite but failed to deliver.

Voters in New Hampshire delivered a decisive victory Tuesday to Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist candidate from Vermont, with the largest margin of victory in a Democratic primary in the Granite State in modern era.

Sanders emerged victorious with 60 percent while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claimed a laser-thin victory in the Iowa caucuses last week, got 38.4 percent of the vote.

Sanders is “the new face of the Democratic Party,” Patrick Welch said. “So if this is the way to make it look like there is a ‘political revolution,’ then so be it.”

“If, and I say this with a caveat, if Sanders wins South Carolina, then he’s got the nomination,” the analyst predicted.

In a rousing victory speech, Sanders branded his victory in New Hampshire as a rebuff to “establishment politics” and the beginning of a “political revolution” in the United States.

Democrats in ‘panic’ mode

Former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof also believes that Clinton was the major loser in the second big contest of the 2016 presidential race.

“So Hillary Clinton, with all of the money behind her and with a ton of establishment Democratic endorsements from both sides of the aisle on the Hill – both the House and the Senate – clearly is the major loser in this thing tonight,” Dankof told Press TV.

There is a “general sense of panic” within the Democratic Party, he said.

Dankof predicted that the Democratic establishment would now try to convince Vice President Joe Biden to run for president “before it’s too late.”

“I don’t necessarily believe that the Democratic establishment believes that Bernie Sanders is electable in the general election,” he added.


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