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German left-wing politician apologizes to attackers after being gang raped by refugees

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A 24-year-old woman, and speaker for the German “Left Youth” party was gang-raped by 3 immigrants on January the 27th, in the city of Mannheim.

German police are still carrying out their investigation, but on January the 30th, the woman, wrote an apology on Facebook, addressed to the immigrants who allegedly raped her. Here’s a few excerpts from the now-deleted post:

“Dear male Refugees, you are probably my age. Probably a few years younger. Maybe older. I am so terribly sorry! I did not see what happen before and I did not experience your grueling escape.”

“I am glad and happy that you made it here. That you have left the IS and its war behind and that you didn’t drown in the Mediterranean sea. But I fear that you are not safe here.”

“Burning refugee centers, violent attack on refugees on the street and a brown mob in the streets. I have always fought against this situation.”

“I wanted an open Europe, a friendly one. One in which I like to live, one in which both of us are safe. I am so sorry. For both of us I am so unbelievably sorry.”

“You, you are not safe because we live in a racist society. I am not safe, because we live in a sexist society.”

“But what I really feel sorry about is the case that the sexist and borderless acts that I suffered will lead to you being exposed to more and increasingly aggressive racism.”

“I promise you that I will scream. I will not let it happen anymore. I will not sit idle and let racists and concerned citizens turn you into a problem.”

“You are not the problem. You are no problem at all. You are a beautiful human being that deserves freedom and security as much as anyone. Thank you for your existence and nice to have you here.”

Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: brainwashing. This is insanity! This is not the mind of a rational person..

Just recently, an Austrian woman’s 10 year-old son was raped by an Iraqi immigrant and she apologized to her children for telling them to “welcome refugees“ – she woke up and realized what’s going on.

But some people are just too far gone…

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4 Responses to " German left-wing politician apologizes to attackers after being gang raped by refugees "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    She is mentally handicapped simple as that, should be put under permanent care because she is beyond full retard.
    She would make hardcore autists seem normal.

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  2. Johan says:

    Maybe she was a slut to begin with and really cherished the fact a gang of savage scum paid attention to her????

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  3. patriots.bonfire says:

    Nymphomaniac or just a public toilet. Stupid is as stupid does.

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  4. billwhit says:

    I have always said that Islam and Liberalism are both the Syphilis of the Soul, and this mentally deranged “victim(?)” just proved that theory. Both will end up with their Allah/Satan in Hell.

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