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Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Trump "May Be Our Last Chance"

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Former Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer announced Saturday she’s supporting Donald Trump for president. Jan Brewer becomes the second former governor to endorse Trump, joining the former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wagon while Chris Christie and Paul LePage who current governors of New Jersey and Maine also endorsed Trump just recently just before the Super Tuesday.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio also from Arizona endorsed Trump for president. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the most famous sheriffs in America for taking president Obama to court for allowing millions of undocumented illegal aliens from Mexico to invade the state of Arizona.

In a press release from the Trump campaign, Brewer said she was endorsing Donald Trump due to his strong stance on illegal immigration.

“The politicians in Washington D.C. have continually failed to secure our border. As I’ve always said: A nation without borders is like a house without walls – it collapses,” the former governor stated.

Brewer said her time as the governor of Arizona — which she served as from 2009 to 2015 — educated her about the dangers of illegal immigration and how the federal government, in her opinion, does little to stop it. She argues Trump will take the opposite approach.

More are expected to endorse Trump with some even speculating Dr. Carson to drop out and endorse Trump. Some speculated even on establishment Ohio Governor to drop out and endorse Trump. Of course these are just speculations.

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