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Europe Dispels Merkel's Mass-Migration Illusions

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Merkel’s humanitarian approach to the refugee crisis has failed, declares German media. The countries of the European Union have abandoned her idea of an “open-arms migrant policy”, preferring to re-seal their internal borders and re-erect fences to prevent an inflow of refugee into their territories.

European countries have apparently rejected Merkel’s open-arms approach to the refugee crisis, according to German magazine Der Spiegel.

In many parts of Europe, it says, borders are being re-sealed and fences re-erected in opposition to the idea of equally distributing the refugees around Europe.

“Merkel now finds herself isolated at home and abroad as conditions worsen for asylum-seekers,” Christiane Hoffmann stated in her opinion article for the magazine.

The author referred to the events of September 5, 2015 when Austria and Germany threw open their borders to thousands of migrants from the east, predominantly from Syria.

“September 5 seems like an eternity ago and yet we are still confronted with the same images today as we were back then,” the journalist says.

“In recent days, thousands of refugees have once again been stranded along the Balkan route, and this time they are being held back by border fences. Desperate men, women and children can be seen camping out in central Athens. And this time there are images that Merkel had hoped to avoid last September: images of a Europe that is placing its bet on partition and deterrence. These are images of defeat for the German chancellor. Merkel’s humanitarian approach in the refugee crisis has failed,” she states.

The German chancellor is being criticized for radicalizing her own country, while “importing terrorism, crime, anti-Semitism and homophobia” in other European countries, like Hungary.

When a politician experiences a policy failure, the journalist says, their power is jeopardized. They must decide whether to jettison those policies or relinquish power.

“Merkel appears ready to put her power at stake with her open arms approach to the refugee policy,” she finally stated.


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5 Responses to " Europe Dispels Merkel's Mass-Migration Illusions "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Arrest merkel, juncker, schultz and hollande for High Treason, they are destroying Europe, European people and European culture, its an ongoing genocide, these things didnt happen in Europe since WWII and these are the perpetrators whom are letting in the rapefugees 80% of them are male between the age 16-35, the number of woman and children is very small, when refugees are usually composed of woman and children in the first place or at least should, thats the norm, but not here.
    I have to wonder about the German military and intelligence how much of a coward pussy can you be till you do something, but on the other hand they did also lick the ass of adolf and honecker till the very last second, so Im not really suprised, shame on you all.
    Thats the 4th time you fuckin nazis destroy europe, first the Germanic tribes and the Western Roman Empire wich brought in the dark ages for 600 years, then WWI, then WWII and now the rapefugees, Im really fed up with you guys…

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    • sailor27 says:

      100% right.
      Long time no see, LRanger….(I quit JP) great to see your posts again.

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  2. rh2 says:

    Hard to understand why socialist scum such as Hollande, Juncker, but especially Frau “psycho” Merkel are still going about their merry way of destroying White, Christian Europe without any real opposition whatsoever! Thanks to them, and their collaborators, the flood of Allah Aliens keeps pouring in. If there are any Patriots (with gonads) left in Europe, they had better act to stop the ongoing destruction of their countries. . .and act NOW!

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  3. Bob Mac says:

    She grew up in the DDR, remember? They have a different Weltanschauung than real Christians. She doesn’t mind making her own people suffer for a foreign, imposed, and untenable ideology, one that will destroy nationhood and necessitate a stronger union, under state-of-emergency rules, naturally. She can recall the unity and safety of the Warsaw Pact, if you don’t count the Stasi, of course.

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  4. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    Another million or more will spell the end of the entire EU,you should have never relinquished your gun’s,too late for that now ,bye bye .

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