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Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump for President

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New Jersey Governor and former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has thrown his support behind billionaire Donald Trump, whom he claims is the only person that can beat Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton.

“There is no dobut in my mind, and i’ve been saying this right from the time I entered the campaign, that the single most important thing for the Republican party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton,” Christie said at a press conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Friday.

“I guarantee you that the one person that Hillary and Bill Clinton do not want to see on that stage come next September is Donald Trump.”

“They know how to run the standard political playbook against junior senators and run them around the block. They do not know the playbook with Donald Trump because he is rewriting the playbook. He’s rewriting the playbook of American politics because he’s providing strong leadership that’s not dependent upon the status quo.”

As Trump has become the likely Republican nominee, political pundits have predicted disaster for Hillary if it comes down to a face-off.

On Thursday, “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Clinton is “going to long for the days of Ken Starr when running against Trump.”

Trump “doesn’t play by whatever agreed-upon set of rules that politics [use],” Todd said. “You… have to be prepared for everything. Every conspiracy theory that has ever been uttered, he’ll bring it up.”


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