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Turkish Downing Of US Marine Helicopters Killing 12 American Soldiers Stuns Russia

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A grim Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Ministry of Defense (MoD) officials were “stunned” last week after a Turkish Air Force fighter jet operating within its own airspace fired upon and downed two CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters being flown by the US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) over Kurdish held territory in the eastern Syrian “department” of the Levant War Zone killing all 12 of the American military troops on board.

According to this report, on 14 January, these two MARSOC helicopters departed from Ayn al-Asad Airbase in Iraq for a “normal/routine” re-supply mission of US Marine and British Special Forces troops currently embedded with Kurdish Peoples Protection Unit (YPG) fighters battling Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists near the Turkish border in north eastern Syria near the city of Raqqa when this “war crime” occurred.

Immediately upon Federation Aerospace Forces detecting this Turkish “unprovoked” attack upon these two MARSOC helicopters, this report continues, Russian commanders notified the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar advising the American’s of their willingness to assist in search and rescues missions, but which the US commanders stated they did not need as their own TRAP forces (tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel) had already been alerted.

Most outlandishly, this report notes, is that within 5 hours of Turkey shooting down these two MARSOC helicopters in Syria, Aerospace Forces satellites monitoring the Pacific Ocean region detected what they believed at the time to be an unannounced test of a US Navy RIM-8 Talos missile in the waters surrounding the Hawaii Islands—but which within two hours of its firing and exploding the US Navy announced two of its CH-53 helicopters had “crashed”, and just yesterday announced they had ceased attempting to find either these aircraft or its crew members.

As to why the Obama regime would deliberately conceal from the American people this “deliberate war crime”, this report explains, is due to their fears of what the reactions of their citizens would be upon learning that these 12 brave US Marines were killed by their own NATO ally Turkey—who at the exact same time the US is fighting with and assisting the Kurdish peoples in fighting Islamic State terrorists, Turkey is doing everything it can to destroy them.

So bitter have relations deteriorated between the Obama regime and Turkey over America’s support for the Kurdish peoples, this report notes, Turkish officials even openly warned the American’s again yesterday that they won’t even tolerate the inclusion of Kurdish groups at the upcoming peace talks aimed at ending the war in Syria—with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu bluntly telling the US: “We will never accept that YPG is being seen as a legitimate power on the opposition side. We will never allow this to happen because it is a direct threat to Turkey.”

Upon the Security Councils reviewing the MoD information relating to Turkey’s downing of these MARSOC helicopters, and its threat to further destabilize the Levant War Zone, this report concludes, it issued a warning a few hours ago stating that the activities by foreign Special Forces are now one of the main threats to Russia’s security.


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  • Mark726

    If this is true, THIS AN ACT OF WAR!!!!!

    • Patrick Fallon

      if this is true we need to bomb the hell out of the leaders of Turkey find out where they live and kill them

      • nick1111

        Obama and Erdogan are in one bed.
        Two muslim Wahhabists

    • Teufel

      A twofer.

  • Lone Ranger

    It would be a pleasure to see the U.S. and Russia jointly taking down the jihadi err-dog-un regime after they have shot down both Russian and U.S. aircrafts.

  • Kisha

    When Turkey did the same thing to Russia you Americans thought it was justified, now’s your turn. How do you like that????

    • Kevin Curl

      Dude American’s didn’t think Russian aircraft that Turkey shot down was justified . For your info most American’s would rather have Putin for President than the POS Obama we have . Don’t be ignorant . Politicians may have issues with Russia but the people don’t .

      • Patrick Fallon

        Kisha you need to get some sleep and think it over you are so wrong what would make you say some thing like that

    • Patrick Fallon

      Kisha don.t say Americans there is no American that thought it was justified not one you don,t know Americans very well .I never thought it was and Russia should have bombed the hell out of the Turkeys but i mean there leaders the ones that they say they elect not the poor kids and family,s that have no idea what is happening

    • Pete Clemenza

      This story is a hoax.

      • Jacquie

        Prove it.

        • Dave

          The last ship capable of firing the RIM-8 Talos missile was decommissioned in 1980. There are only 2-3 intact Talos missiles in existence, all inert and in museums and airports. Last I knew, time travel was still beyond the capabilities of most countries.

    • Janet Chepulis

      Wrong, we never thought it was justified…

  • Maximus Max

    Does anyone have another source for this story? I’ve seen it nowhere but here.

    • CraxyD

      I can’t find anything

      • Maximus Max

        Me either, cause it was total bullshit.

  • Johnny King

    I’m baffled by this, I want to know why Obama said they crashed into each other near Hawaii? When in fact they weren’t even near American homeland. I mean why say they died defending our freedom near here but moch their death by lying to all of us Americans. If he is lying about this I can only fathom what else he is lying about. Note the search has been suspended and nothing has been found prior to the suspension. Makes me wonder a lot more than I have already been a woke to.

    • Teufel

      Smells similar to loosing 7 MARSOC killers last April. Another ‘collision’ by Domestic Training. After almost seven years you a the right to speculate. Semper-Gumby.

  • Pete Clemenza



    I am tracking on ALL ch-53s around the world and this story is a lie

  • Okarus

    Just look at the source lol.. so trustworthy.

  • Americanpatriot2014


  • geo1671

    Wish it was true :^)

  • David Molinarolo

    This story is bogus. It would have made Fox News for sure thru their Pentagon contacts via Catherine Heritage. There hasn’t been a peep about this. If the Russian fighter jet downing by Turkey made our news, this sure as hell would have.

  • Mustafa

    Turkije is threatening with eject from NATO in nowadays. Why??? :D ;) (Sorry, my english not well)

  • Roar Mittens

    Sorcha Faal is NOT a “credible source”. You should know better than reposting articles from that website. Shame on you, EU Times.

  • Ro Nom

    If it was true, it would be hidden. A lot of US mercenaries died fighting in Ukraine, we aren’t told about them.

    • Philip Marks

      And they don’t have mothers who report two dozen men missing without explanation? It never happened.

  • Keith Cameron

    This story is not true.

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