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Trump: Obama and Hillary Created ISIS

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Donald Trump dropped a zinger during a campaign stop in Biloxi, Mississippi on Saturday.

He said Obama and Hillary created the Islamic State.

“They’ve created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama — created with Obama,” Trump said.

Trump: Iran Deal Was So Bad It’s Suspicious

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says the nuclear deal with Iran is so bad, he is close to wondering whether it was done poorly on purpose.

“It’s almost like there has to be something else going on,” he said Saturday night at a rally in Biloxi, Miss. “I don’t think there is, I just don’t think they’re competent.”

Trump said he couldn’t believe the U.S. would agree to a deal with Iran that did not include the return of Americans held prisoner in Iran.

“Who would make that deal?” he asked, suggesting Tehran was celebrating as the agreement was being negotiated.


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