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Top Obama Official “Demands To Land” At Russian Military Base, Warns Of War

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An absolutely astonishing Ministry of Defense (MoD) “urgent action report” just released in the Kremlin states that less than 24 hours after Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry agreed to meet in Zurich, Switzerland on 20 January, a US military “operated” aircraft carrying one of his top subordinates approached Federation airspace “demanding” immediate permission to land at the highly secretive Chkalovsk Naval Airbase located in the Kaliningrad Oblast.

According to this report, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland had just left the Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania aboard her US military “managed/controlled” aircraft after her meeting with that nations Foreign Minister, Lazar Comanescu, on a planned flight course for Berlin, Germany, when this “bizarre” incident occurred—and which MoD intelligence analysts are describing as a “Rudolf Hess type moment” due to his being Nazi Germany’s second in command only to Adolph Hitler when on 10 May 1941 he flew to Scotland in an attempt to make peace with Britain and avoid World War II—and which appears to have been this top Obama regime officials “twisted intent”.

Upon Assistant Secretary Nuland’s “Aerospace Forces assisted landing” at Chkalovsk, this report continues, her “further demand” to meet personally with President Putin was denied due to the Foreign Ministry reporting that her “allegiance/devotion” was to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and not the Obama regime itself as she had previously been a top aide to President William Clinton known as “Doughnut Dolly”.

President Putin did, however, this report notes, agree to send his top aide Vladislav Surkov to meet with Assistant Secretary Nuland and also authorized the Foreign Ministry to report: “Nuland has arrived to the Kaliningrad region, and the meeting with Surkov will be held at the presidential residence in the city of Pionersky. It will be a closed meeting.

Initial reports from Federal Security Service (FSB) Special Forces agents assigned to protecting President Putin and his residences, this report says, describe Assistant Secretary Nuland upon her landing and being escorted to Pionersky as being in a “highly agitated” mental state appearing to be “near/close to a breakdown” and giving expletive filled warnings that “War is coming! War is coming!” and alleging that Russia had “broken its promise” and “now the whole world will pay”.

As to what “promise” Russia had broken this report doesn’t say, but this reports language appears to indicate that Assistant Secretary Nuland doesn’t know either as she continually referred to President Putin as “your fucking tsar” instead of his correct title.

Equally as troubling about Assistant Secretary Nuland’s “rants/sayings” while in the presence of FSB agents, this report continues, was her claiming that President Obama was in the process of “cleaning house to protect himself” and “what happened in Hawaii is just the start and I’m going to be next”.

Though full details are not yet known, this report grimly notes, Assistant Secretary Nuland’s “fears” of Hawaii appear to be related to the reported crash of two US Marine helicopters off Hawaii that occurred shortly after she landed at Chkalovsk—and whose Special Forces troops believed aboard these crashed helicopters provided security for President Obama during his recent holiday vacation spent there.

Critical background information about Assistant Secretary Nuland contained in this report also notes that she was an integral part of the “Hillary Clinton Cabal” that destroyed the nation of Ukraine in an action the top US security firm Stratfor (aka The Shadow CIA) called “the most blatant coup in history”—and who was secretly recorded creating the “new” neo-Nazi government of that nation and pushing aside European concerns of what she was doing by stating: “F**k the EU! Exactly!

As the more “highly classified” portions of this MoD report are beyond our ability to report on at this time, we will, of course, provide more information about this astonishing turn of events as we learn it.


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5 Responses to " Top Obama Official “Demands To Land” At Russian Military Base, Warns Of War "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Haha….ha, what a loser, the chickens come home to roost, lol, obongo is probably clearing out the house for his coming dictatorship, if somebody she deserves to be locked up at a blacksite till eternety alone for his cookiemonster mission in Ukraine…

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  2. anthony wilson says:

    Obama is going to meet his demise or is it Barry Soetoro you could not make up the mess that is U.S.A.The U.S.voted twice a person who changes his name to be their President,that is how lost they really are.A person by the name of Barack Hussein Obama swore to up held the Constitution of The United States of America but he is a person called Barry Soetoro as a student.Who ever he is his word is worthless.

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  3. Taking care of business! says:

    It would suit me if the Russians would land in DC at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW .

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  4. MR AIDAN G WALSH says:

    They want War they see it as the only way to not hang the Bankers causing all this shit…Hang them we will have Peace…

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  5. Ro Nom says:

    Who allows this Nuland character to have so much influence? She was not voted in by the people of US for anything. Our lamestream western six Corporation media is silent about this unelected monster called Nuland which is causing so much havoc across the world.

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