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South Africa cop finishes traffic ticket After getting shot by random gunman

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A traffic cop shot in his bulletproof vest at point-blank range stuck to his original guns by finishing the ticket he was writing.

The dashcam video from South Africa shows officer Nizaam Alexander conducting a routine stop when he is approached from behind by a random black gunman.

After the pistol initially jams, the suspect manages to get off a shot, striking the cop in the back of his vest.

Officer Alexander then ducks behind the two people he pulled over, in front of their Mercedes Benz, putting the driver and passenger between him and the shooter, directly in the line of fire.

The officer returned fire, forcing the attacker away from the car.

Later, Alexander consults with other officials on the scene and the edited video concludes with him completing the ticket and a big thank you message from the Western Cape government.

The officer was awarded for his “professionalism and dedication to duty” by the City of Cape Town’s traffic services.

“Even after traffic officer Nizaam Alexander was shot at point-blank range, he continued to perform his duties,” the campaign said when releasing the video online. “His dedication to serving the public earned him the City of Cape Town Traffic Services Departmental Officer of the Year Award.”


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  • skreamer

    I would have thrown the ticket back at him and said….”you cant book me when your in shock dickhead!”….and driven off!

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